Gwynn Papers

1. J.T. Gwynn (I.C.S. 1905 – 21). John Tudor Gwynn, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Madras 1905-1911; Under Secretary, Government of Madras 1911-12; Superintendent Pudukkottai 1913-17; Settlement Offcer, Madras 1917-1919; retired 1922.

2. (John) Peter Lucas Gwynn. Joined I.C.S. in 1939 and held posts in Madras. He stayed on in the I.A.S. after independence, serving in Madras, and later in Andhra Pradesh, first as Collector and then as Secretary, Education Department. He retired as Second Member, Andhra Pradesh Board of Revenue in 1967. Memoir.

1 microfilm, 4 boxes, 1905-1967.

Box 1 – Letters of J.T. Gwynn, 1905-1911. Voyage out to India; early I.C.S. days; plague regulations; court cases; opium trade and restrictions; tours in Southern India, Ootacamund and Pondicherry.

Box 2 – Letters of J.T. Gwynn to his family, 1912-1921. Social life, lubs and hunting; World war I; compares Indian and Irish situations; judicial cases; Ootacamund, Madras [Chennai], Pudukkotai and Southern India.

Box 3 – Copies of letters excised from the collections in boxes 1 and two, copied into notebooks; TS articles, notes and anecdotes; 3 letters form a tour of Sikkim, 1957.

Box 4 – Report on non-cooperation movement in Kistna District; report on a tour in Attapadi Valley, 1944; report by Gwynn conditions in Malabar; letters re. preparations for a Japanese invasion, 1942; riotingi n Ongole.

Microfilm no. 60 – Memoir of J.P.L. Gwynn, describing life in India and the I.C.S./I.A.S. before and after independence; South India, tours in Sikkim and Hyderabad.