Archive / Papers / Gwynn Papers: Box 4


    1. TS Report on Non-Co-operation Movement, Kistna District 1923 from H.H.F.M. Tyler, Collector of Kistna District to R.S. Graham, Chief Secretary to the Government of Madras.
      • General organisation and methods of Non-Co-operation Movement and its position vis a vis Government. Character and psychology of people of Andhra and the followers of Non-Co-operation Movement..Forms of Non-Co-operation Movement in Kistna District. Principles in dealing with the movement and action taken to control it.
      • Future policy. 29pp.
    2. Government of Madras. Public Works and Labour Department. (Irrigation) G.O. No. 3249 I. 17 November 1930. Irrigation – Madura – Periyar system – Mr. Hall’s report – Orders passed. 128pp.
    3. Note on the Permanent Settlement by Rao Sahib P.K. Gnanasundara Mudaliyar. Madras, Government Press, 1940. 201pp.
    4. Report on tour in the Attapadi Valley by J.P.L. Gwynn, Sub-Collector, Malappuram to the Collector of Malabar, Calicut, 5 February 1944. 16pp.
      • Communications; economic conditions, and the economic balance of the valley; Grow More Food campaign, Irular welfare; supplies to the valley; cattle raising; welfare work at Valayur; malaria control; well digging programme; education and various schools; effect on Irulars of better communications and opening up the valley; comments on Irulars’ characteristics; Syrian Christian ashram at Tadagam; reiteration of necessity of help for Irulars if valley is opened up and recommendations.
    5. Report by J.P.L. Gwynn, Inspecting Officer to H.W. Bouchier, Collector of Malabar, Calicut, on inspection of Laccadive Islands, 1945, covering Agathi, Kavarati, Kalpeni, Suheli, Androth, Minicoy under headings of medical, education, agriculture, routine work, administration; Melacheris, property rights, coir depot.
    6. Koya-Melacheri dispute, supplies, etc.
    7. Appendix: Rice Imports 1 October 1943 – 30 September 1944.
    8. Letter from H.Q. Southern Command, Bangalore, about measures to be taken in event of Japanese invasion. 2 October 1942.
    9. Letter from K.K. Dass, Ongole, 1 October 1942 to J.P.L. Gwynn about the rioting there. 2pp.