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Letters of J.T. Gwynn, I.C.S. 1905 – 1921 (father of J.P.L. Gwynn) to his mother, father, sisters etc.

(Some of the letters were copied into notebooks & the originals destroyed. Where this occurs, the number of the letter is listed & will be found in Box 2 – an item number is given in this handlist)


  1. 16 November 1905. On board ship on voyage out to India, in Straits of Gibraltar (sailed 11 November). Description of conditions of ship during storm. 6pp.
  2. 22 November. Just off Port Said. Describes ICS men on board, comments on new idea of taking University men for Indian Railways. Mentions Brackenbury. 6pp.
  3. n.d. p1 missing – after Suez Canal. Describes coaling. Remarks on physiogamies, and sunsets. 4pp.
  4. Copy. 29 November. Near Aden. Describes some of crew and passengers.
  5. 7 December. Just off Colombo. More about voyage after Aden and individuals, particularly ICS men. 4pp.
  6. 14 December. Doveton House, Nungumbaukum, Madras. Met by servant of Judge Benson (Sir Ralph Benson). Describes procedure for new ICS immediately on landing. 2pp.
  7. 17 December. Madras. Daily programme. More on early days of young ICS – Attitudes, customs and individuals. Calling. Social habits; ‘domestic slavery’; comments on politics and attitudes to the subject. meets Sir Philip Hutchin. Mentions birds seen. 8pp.
  8. 24 December. Madras. Comments on way ICS newcomers without friends are treated with regard to accommodation. Goes snipe shooting; aside on how a High Court Judge is treated in public. 4pp.


  1. 3 January. Posted to Coimbatore, Collector R.H. Shipley. Cricket.
  2. 10 January. The Club, Coimbatore (Copy). Glad to leave ‘caste’ society of Madras. Comments on C. of E. clergy, R.C. priests, and French administrators. Gives statistics of district. Describes the Shipleys.
  3. 14 January. In Madras for a cricket match and Coimbatore. Comments freely on the wives of the ICS. Gives an account of daily routine. Expresses feeling of ignorance of all aspects of life and work in India. Hearsay on work in Madras Presidency. More about getting outfit together. 6pp.
  4. n.d. Writes about the Indians he has met. Refuses to write second hand comments. Educated Indians. Indian opportunities in the Civil Service. In bungalow with Forest Officer. Bird watching.
  5. 21 January. The Club, Coimbatore. Personal.
  6. 27 January. In camp, Udamalpet. Describes the scenery. Comments on the Indian acquiescence to English despotism. Sees Hindu ceremony. Will stay in division.
  7. 29 January. Club. Coimbatore. About cricket. Narain Rao plays, also C.T. Studd. Learning Tamil. Comments on attitudes and attributes of ICS as distinct from Police, Forestry etc. Comments on one particular judge, – Powers, and on whole European society. Difference of work in north and south of Presidency, and describes country. 3 pp.
  8. 5 February. Club, Coimbatore. Climate, terrain, objective description of countryside and people. To share bungalow with Forest Officer. Comment on Forestry Dept. 2pp.
  9. 14 February. Club, Coimbatore. Comment on new judge, Oldfield, very harsh. Mentions popularity of Rudyard Kipling. lp.
  10. End February. Club, Coimbatore. Had jaundice. Describes characters in case he tried. More on the Collector’s wife and other individuals. Necessity of playing bridge.
  11. 27 February. Club, Coimbatore. Proposed irrigation scheme to dam the R. Bhavani – comments on moveability of Europeans, and on missionaries’ habits. Gives information on food and drink. 2pp.
  12. 4 March. Coimbatore. Moving into bungalow. Meets Marsh, a coffee planter. Feud between Government and planters over terms of leases. Discovers great dislike of Shipley by Forestry and Planters. Stories of executions in Afghanistan. 3pp.
  13. 19 March. Bungalow, Coimbatore. Describes bungalow and Forest Officer, Scot. Management of servants. Bird watching. More on the Collector’s Power and Oldfield. Liquor shops.
  14. 25 March. Description of country at beginning of hot weather. Gardens. Similarity between Madresi and Irish – Servants, characteristics. 2pp.
  15. On tour
  16. 1 April. (Copy – 2pp, with original – 4pp.) Sent rat-catching in Mettupalaiyam to combat plague. Plague regulations: to Calicut to check Treasury. Description of Malabar coast.
  17. April. Madatukulam. Description. Few Europeans. Find a group of R.S.s. Annual audit of village accounts. Attitude towards Kallans. Cites case of land dispute.
  18. East. Sunday, 15 April. Udumalpet. (Copy and original.) Transferred to Pollachi district as head assistant. On tour. Only other Europeans, German Russian Lutheran missionary and wife. Planters. Learning much from Hemingway, the Head Assistant Collector. Other visitors to the bungalow. 3pp.
  19. Encl. copy of a letter from a Station Master to the District Traffic Superintendent, sent as example of humour of English expressions.
  20. Easter Sunday, 15 April. Udumalpet. Copy. Describes in detail the inspection of village.
  21. 30 April. Manupatti. Description of village and countryside
  22. 8 May. Tiruppur. Brief letter of transfers, and new individuals.
  23. 20 May. Pollachi. Copy. Attending district conference. Story of building railway with sappers and coolies.
  24. 27 May. Coimbatore. Description of vaccinating; irrigation and wells; anecdotes descriptive of Indian life. 2pp.
  25. 4 June. Pollachi. Inspection of famine areas, aspects of famine.
  26. 8 June. Tiruppur. More on famine. Village women. 2pp.
  27. 3 July. Madras Club. Taking ICS exams. Madras: beauty and greenness. Strain of famine relief on ICS officials. 2pp.
  28. n.d. Madras Club. Anecdotes descriptive of ICS and Army attitudes. 2pp.
  29. 8 July. Coimbatore. Describes bungalow companion, Scot.
  30. 19 August. Coimbatore. Getting Treasury training and magisterial work. Rains broken. Famine over. Accidents and mishaps. Attitude towards Sessions Judge called Vibart. 2pp.
  31. 26-28 August. Coimbatore. More on hazards of touring – character of an Indian Army major who has been Political Officer in Muscat. More on Vibart. Encloses invitation card. 3pp.
  32. n.d. n.p. H.Q. St. Thomas’ Mount, unpleasant place. On Survey training.
  33. 2-3 September. Coimbatore. Describes amusements; spurious cases. 2pp.
  34. n.d. n.p. Been to Metturpalayam (rat catching again). Learning language of village people. More about his legal cases. 2pp.
  35. 12 September. Coimbatore. Been to Bangalore playing cricket. Description of Bangalore. Plague centre. Jackal hunt.
  36. 17 September. Coimbatore. Preparation for Governor’s visit, (Sir Arthur Lawley). Descriptive vignettes of Bangalore life.
  37. 26 September. Coimbatore. Copy. Governor’s visit over, description of programme, and sidelights on European life. Story of the Forest Officer’s kittens. 4pp.
  38. 30 September. Malabar Club, Calicut. Difference between East and West coast people.
  39. 9 October. Coimbatore. Treasury work. Very revealing attitudes towards Indians and Eurasians, and sidelights on their position vis-a-vis the police, etc.
  40. 17 October. Cruelty to animals in India. Gossip about Winston Churchill and Sir Henry Cotton.
  41. 17 October. Coimbatore. Collector prosecuting the Tahsildar of Palladam. Exposition of case. 2pp.
  42. Encloses letter from a munshi.
  43. 20 October. Coimbatore. Disappearance, of native dyes. Mentions Hannyngton going to Punjab. Insects. Mentions Cecil Dobbs (qv) not getting into ICS. 2pp.
  44. 11 November. Coimbatore. Bribery and corruption, and missionaries. Wiles of petitioners.
  45. 17 December. Coimbatore. Results of drought and monsoon on roads. The Hemingways.


  1. 7 February. Coimbatore. Going to Pollachi.
  2. 19 February. Coimbatore. Hot weather beginning – healthier. Changing to better bungalow. New chaplain.
  3. 25 February. Coimbatore. Criticism of missionary schools. First mention of Swadeshi. Zemindars, ryots, peasant debt. Example of village problems – wells; life insurance societies. 3pp.
  4. 22 March. Avanashi. The interest of learning district work. Difference between attitude of Muslim and Hindu to authority. New I.M.S. tries to stop polluted stream being used. Bad feeling at method. Incidents of Bengali Sessions Judge, Dutt. Comment on Indian Bar. 2pp.
  5. 4 April. Turuppur. Mother’s death. Gives his movements briefly.
  6. 6 April. item 47:212.
  7. 15 May. Gingee, Tindivanam. Describes very big new division in detail. Very few Europeans. Camping in old rock fortress. Money lenders etc, deal in grain. Smuggling and extortion. Numbers of appeals. Collector: Elwin.
  8. 16 June – 47:214
  9. 18 June – 47:215
  10. 22 June – 47:216
  11. 7 July – 47:217
  12. 15 July – 47:218
  13. 5 August – 47:219
  14. 25 August. Tindivanam. (Copy) Describes train journey with two Indians and their conversation on family matters: Indicative of Indian and European attitudes. 2pp.
  15. 1 September. Tindivanam. (Copy) District meeting in Cuddalore. Unfriendly atmosphere. Characters of Elwin and Moberley, Sessions Judge. Christians as witnesses. Land problems.
  16. 15 September – 47:221
  17. 29 September – 47:222
  18. 8 October. Gingee. Sir George Arbuthnott, President of the Madras Club, etc. imprisoned for cheating.
  19. 12 October – 47:224
  20. 25 October. Kandamangalam. Crosses river in flood with help and difficulty. Prevalence of smallpox near Pondicherry. Posted to Trichinopoly as Assistant Collector; Collector – Butterworth.
  21. 3 November – 47:226
  22. 20 November. Has been in Tiruvannamalai for Festival. Plague and cholera precautions. Describes the procession of raths, and intrigues connected with it. 3pp.
  23. 21 November – 47:227
  24. 1 December – 47:229
  25. 10 December – 47:230

Letters 1908

  1. 8-10 February. Trichinopoly and Tinnevelly. Going to Tinnevelly as Assistant Settlement Officer. Describes area round Trichinopoly. Describes Butterworth, the Collector. Meets Tuticorin, D.O. and. Collector of Tinnevelly – Wynch. .Thumbnail sketch of each impressive house – Club. Meets Assistant Superintendent of Police and Harley. Gossip about all of them, and his predecessor. 2pp.
  2. 23 February. Bangalore. SMPR camp. Describes individuals on camp, especially Sessions Judge Pinhey (q.v.). Camp activities. Describes Chadwick, Collector. Trichinopoly Scheme for advisors councils to the Provincial Governments: reaction from Collectors. Discussion of Membership of advisory councils (Maravars) and Shanars.
  3. 10 March. Ambasamudram. Gives account of Europeans in Tinnevelly. Missionaries; converts. Jackson gone to Secretariat – stories of him. Celebration for release of B.C. Pal.
  4. 5 April. Kuttalam-Tenkasi. Part of a letter, pp.3-15 See notebook, Book 2 (48:251) p.148 copy of full letter. Has to revise Tinnevelly District Manual. Brief description of Brahmins, Vellalas, Maravars and Shanars. Account of attempt of caste elevation by Shanars in 1899 and subsequent riots and case of right to enter Maravar temples. Chadwick’s unsuccessful attempt to deal with dacoity in area. Wynch and protection of money from soldiers in Pondicherry. 4pp.
  5. 23 April. A good district, having had good officers. Biographical sketch of Collector, Jackson who is great man. Leader in The Hindu on his departure. Other incidents in district life.
  6. 15 May. Nanguneri. On the Madras coolie – compares Hindu and Chinese and Ireland. Nationalism and the Indian press. Sedition trials at Tuticorin. 3pp.
  7. 29 May, Shermadevi (sic) Sermadevi and Palamcottah, 31 May. Palamcottah for Saturday District Board Meeting. Tampering with witnesses in riot cases. Syro-Christians and R.C.s. Jesuits and land purchase. Other missionaries. Opinions of Sir Ralph (Benson). 2pp.
  8. 21 June. Kudaukulam, Nanguneri taluk. Wasteland of the Teri and coastline to Cape Cormorin. Surprised at strength of R.C. church. People very litigious. Encroachments by R.C. church. 2pp.
  9. 27 July. Adarchani. Daily routine of inspection. B.G. Tilak: character and sentence. Other sedition cases. 2pp.
  10. 2 August. Palamcottah. Work very heavy. Gives long character sketch of Revenue Under Secretary Cardew, who is trusted by Indians, and gives excellent training to subordinates. Training described. Detailed exposition of legal work and case work. 5pp.
  11. 11 August. Srivaikuntam. Brief resume of events, and people met.
  12. 23 August. Palamcottah. Hemingway acting Collector of Madras. Other news of ICS officers – Chadwick, Moloney; measures against sedition cases in Madras increasing. Meets for first time rich middle class Indians with nationalist views but disliking extremism. 2pp.
  13. 27 September. Kuttalam. Tenkasi. Describes disposing of c. 1000 petitions a week. Gives examples of judgments – beginning to understand settlement work. 2pp.
  14. 11 October. Pambuli. Taken a few days off to finish other inspection. Gets thrown from new horse while inspecting temple encroachment. 2pp.
  15. 27 October. Palamcottah. Thinks of joining Masons as a means of meeting high class Indians. Been meeting prosperous peasant proprietors. Attitude towards European so-called necessities, educated Indians and representative institutions.
  16. 3 November Tippanampotti (sic). Part of a letter. T.V. Krishna Iyer dismissed. Arrangements for a CMS service by Chadwick, Carr and Wynch. Describes Godsen’s part in subduing Coimbatore Jail Riot – B.C. Pal’s correspondence with Cotton.
  17. 11 November. Tippanampattari. Coimbatore Jail riot. Sentences on Pillai and Siva.
  18. 30 December. Doveton House, Nungumbankum, Madras. General gossip about people in India. Hopes to go on leave in July 1909.

Letters 1909

  1. 11 January. Alwar Kurichy, Ambasamudram. Rough Patta work ending back in settlement. Number of petitions heard – average 300 per village.
  2. 19-21 January. Mel Chevval, Ambasamudram. Gives example of faction in rich Brahmin village in R.P. work. Attitudes to Morley reforms.
  3. 26 January. Palamcottah. Inveighs against missionaries’ Sabbatarianism.
  4. 5 February. Shermadivi (sic) Sermadevi. Very hard work of R.P. work to come in Srivaikuntam in September. 250 petitions a day his record.
  5. 7 March. Palamcottah. R.P. camps over until return from leave. . Srivaikuntam and Nanguneri taluks to come. No Bangalore camp. Opinion of retired N.C.O.’s in India. Discusses implementation of new legislative councils, the reforms, and Indian potential for filling posts. Davidson, new Collector. Koilpatti for agricultural show: meeting Castle Stuart Stuart member of the BR and head of Settlement etc. 3pp.
  6. 12 March. Palamcottah. On holiday. Awaiting result of inquiry into Guntur riot and D.P. Kershopht, a Parsee. Attitude towards Indian ICS. Gossip about one of ‘fishing fleet’. 3pp.
  7. 29 March. Ambasamudrum. Personal. Inveighs against Brahmins.
  8. 10 April. Palamcottah. Incident of a candidate being refused for ICS. Preparing for leave. 2pp.
  9. 16 April. Alantha, Ottapudaram. Account of Sir Ralph Benson’s influence in Indian appointments. Indians and higher administrative appointments. Chidambaram Pillai’s appeal – Pinhey’s message from Morley about his judgment on Pillai’s case. Tuticorin vakilboycotted for being anti-sedition. 2pp.
  10. 24 April. Palamcottah. Leave from 23 June. Has been at H.Q., only seven hours office work a day. More opinion on Morley’s reforms. Cases and convictions – Srinivasir Rao’s appointment.
  11. 2 May. Maramangalam, Srivaikuntam. Inspection irrigation at mouth of R. Tambraparni. Describes the surrounding country. News about misconduct of Deputy Collector Suntaram Shastry.
  12. 9 May. Palamcottah. Taking charge from Chadwick on leave. Extraordinary four day storm. Myer’s position with regard to jobs in Madras. Penalty for Kershapht.
  13. 16 May. Sengalpodai, Ottapudaram. Account of bad journey to see some Sub-Revenue Inspectors in which servants, food, clothes, etc. take wrong way. Has to return to SRI’s and eat Indian food. Comment on this – four days before finds things again. 4pp.
  14. 29 May. Srivaikuntam. Comments on Horne’s report of Gunter riots.
  15. 13 June. Trichendur. Describes town. Just about to go on leave.
  16. 3 September. S.S. Staffordshire. Return voyage to India.
  17. 27 September. Tinnevelly Bridge. Living very comfortably before going on Inspection and RP work.
  18. 4 October. Iruvappapuram. Inspecting irrigation extensions. Describes complex police case in Srivaikuntam. Stories of the Shanar Moravar riots of 1899. Strain of ICS life. Account of interview between influential rich Hindu in district and Chadwick indicative of type of work required of ICS officer, involving individual and communal disputes. 5pp.
  19. 17 October. Kaliyavur. On first RP camp – Trials through servants, and monsoon. Wynch and Chadwick as Collectors. Been put up for Acting District Magistrate, Coorg – Notes on Coorg. 2pp.
  20. 9 November. Valanadu. Just finished 400th petition. More to come. Very tired.
  21. Part of letter n.p. n.d. which describes two of his office staff. Palamcottah Technical School changed over to being a fitters shop run on commercial lines. No good before. Means increase in knowledge of engines for a number of Indians.
  22. 4 December. Palamcottah. Opinion of tea-planters in Ceylon. Working with the Collector Davidson – very able. Opinion of ryots. Mentions Decentralization Commission’s report, and preparation of the voters’ lists for Morley scheme – Character sketches of two Brahmins indicative of diverse Indian characteristics. 3pp.
  23. In train, Manyachi. Back at R.P. work. Comment on contrasts of work and. pay between Indians and English. Nature and reasons for number of petitions in R.P.
  24. 24 December. Mudittanandel. Produced 957 petitions. Case of bribery. Comment on first elections under Morley scheme.


  1. 15 January. Pondicherry. Personal. Not going to Coorg. Glad to stay with Davidson and Chadwick. Sketch of Davidson’s character and attitude towards administration.
  2. 24 January. Madura. In volunteer training camp – issued with long rifles. 2pp.
  3. 27 February. Nazareth. R.P. work coming to an end. Nazareth big Christian centre, rich and wicked. Forest Department. trying to redeem the Teri. Comments favourably on Curzon ‘s administration compared with reforms of Morley and Minto. Comment on Minto, Curzon and the police.
  4. 14 March. Palamcottah. Enteric; snipe shooting; example of false evidence in murder case. 2pp.
  5. 10 April. Tinnevelly. On leave in Travancore jungle shooting with tea-planter, Knight. Meets Hemingway. Descriptions of Knight and uncle. Account of unscrupulous measures taken during coffee slump, and rebuilding fortune. Detailed description of character and personal life of Knight. Arrangements for Eurasian children in R.C. missions, – attitude of R.C. missionaries. Character of acting Collector Ashe, contrast of careless and careful Collector and consequence. 7pp.
  6. 30 May. Nanguneri. Replies to brother’s various remarks on (1) Ghose and press censorship. Example of Tilak’s influence on Mahratta national consciousness in villages. (2) Indian Government and the Clubs – Attitude to Indian IMS. Social grievances felt by educated Hindus – Ideas (of equality) spreading, European still preferred for position of authority. Industrialization: education: comparison of Irish and Indian. Character of Tilak: opinion of Chedamkaram Pillai and Hyder Naik. Poverty. Difference in attitude towards concept of justice between Indian and European. Government fear of unpopularity; desire for revenue. 6pp.
  7. 7 June. Valliyur. Monsoon broken. Nanguneri near famine.
  8. 10 June. Palavur. Ten miles from Cape Cormorin. Attitudes of Tamils to situations. Incident in. Syro Christian church. Levinge – subcollector from 1840 – and his influence in area. Account of temple feuds. 3pp.
  9. 11 June. Kudangulam. Very brief description of tree-climbing caste (Nadirs).
  10. 16 June. Radhapuram. Near famine in Nanguneri after five year drought. Disaster prevented by workers going to Ceylon on tea plantations. Meets example of failed coffee planter who has to ‘ work on inspecting salt and abkari. Hailey’s comet gone, people calm about it. Examples of villagers’ argument against rents.
  11. 16 June. Nanguneri. Describes Chadwick’s character in detail. Contrasts poor Burmese Administration with Indian, particularly in relationship between Secretatiat and District. Gives example of liberality of Indian administration. Discusses retirement of Bradley and Atkinson, two senior men in Madras Service, because of Morley’s criticism of them.
  12. 8 July., Tulupparpatty. Davidson going. Ashe succeeds. New Sessions judge. Opinion of people in Taluk of Srivaikuntam.
  13. 24 July. Palamcottah. Failure of S.W. monsoon. Hopes for new ICS recruit from T.C.D. Remarks on three Indians invited to farewell dinner at club. Has read good article by B.C. Pal.
  14. 6 September. Idayangudy. Near the sea: Hindu diet – coffee drinking started ten years before. Village problems and cases. Difficulty over last report with Madras Government because of Bradley’s retirement. Remarks on ICS training.
  15. 9 September. Idayangudy. Detailed description of terrain.
  16. 12 September. Pulimankulam. Met by village Munsif – account of family. Rich village. Sees beef-steak bird and huge butterflies.
  17. 19 September. Palamcottah. Sends photographs of settlement group and descriptions of J.R. Krishnamani, an Indian Christian also Tampoe who went to Clare College, Cambridge. Other remarks on personalities. Encloses letter. 3pp.
  18. 26 September. Palamcottah. Starting for R.P. campaign. Personal
  19. 2 October. Nanguneri. Encounter with an American Lutheran missionary. 5pp.
  20. 5 October. Nanguneri. Account of the lease of South Indian Railway, and case of cancellation of technical training scheme in conjunction with private company under Chatterton- Appointment of Clark. 3pp.
  21. 18 October. Danapparkulam. Account of the R.C. mission at Vadakkankulam and Fr. Caussanel, S.J. who was deposed from Tunnevelly mission for buying land with bad titles, and later expelling Syro-Christians from Kuttankuli where he had been sent. Other factions concerned with an Iyengar Brahmin Mut.
  22. 29 October. Kuttankuli. Anxiety over monsoon. No need for relief work with Ceylon and Travancore wanting labour. Comment on Kershosk’s retirement. 2pp.
  23. 11 November. Palamcottah. Describes character of A. Castle Stuart Stuart, CSI, very popular with Indians.
  24. 9 December. Idayankudi. Nearly finished Nanguneri R.P.


  1. 10 January. Palamcottah. Nothing of interest. lp.
  2. 30 January. Mulaikaraipatti. Comments on new assistant (Matheson). lp.
  3. 6 February. Nanguneri. About books. Further comment on Matheson ‘product of the new democracy’; type of new recruits for ICS (2pp missing). Comment on mixture in ICS life. (7pp, 1-3, 6, 7.) Encl. letter from F.H.L. Hemingway in Mangalore 31 January 1911. Comments on Mathesonas type of new recruit, and attitude to Indians; Indian recruitment to service. 6pp.
  4. 15 February. Madras Club. In Madras – work because of Legislative Council. Going to Ooty. Mentions by name Davidson, Butterworth, Hill.
  5. 1 March. Madras Club. Remarks on Executive Council, and V. Krishnaswamy (member). Problem of calling on him. Story of starting Swadeshi industries. Secretariat work. Comment on seniors, Butterworth, Atkinson, Meyer.
  6. 28 March. Gives outline of his secretariat work. Sir Harold Stuart: myth surrounding Sir Gabriel Stokes.
  7. 8 May. (Ootacamund). Secretariat work – dislikes the work – inhuman. Opium problem. Analyses the personnel in Government from political standpoint. Opinion of PWD and other departments, and head of educational department.
  8. 8 May. (Ootacamund). Comments on pamphlets on opium, and the opium trade and effects of its suppression, and the ten year agreement with China. Rumour of orders against spending money on famine relief. Asks about Co-operative credit banks. 4pp.
  9. 4 June. Ootacamund. Description of Ooty’s flora and scenery. 2pp.
  10. 2 July. Ootacamund. Secretariat life easier than District life. Comment on quality of Indian ICS’s and Indian Members of Council. Mentions murder of Ashe. 2pp.
  11. 16 July. Ootacamund. Description of two unusual hunts. Comment on addition to staff C.W.E. Cotton: J.J. Cotton, son of Sir Henry Cotton: sidelights on club life and customs. 2pp.
  12. 25 July. Ootacamund. Man-eating tiger shot. Sidelights on Ooty society.
  13. 1 August. Ootacamund. King’s visit and durbar. Sidelights on social attitudes. Ooty flora: new Governor – character of present governor. 2pp.
  14. 16 August. Ootacamund. Comments on Ooty society and individuals especially Cotton, Knapp and Krishnaswamy. 2pp.
  15. 22 August. Ootacamund. Some amusing anecdotes. Personal.
  16. 29 August. Ootacamund. Account of Cases: bad faith over an irrigation project in a small state: boundary dispute: water dispute – examples of potential wars suppressed by Pax Britannica. Sees in Secretariat impossibility of. reconciling Indians and English Largely because of Army attitude. 3pp.
  17. 5 September. Ootacamund. Further remarks on English strikes and English politics. Prophecies 30 years more British rule in India. Labour movement product of education. Germans ready to fight England. Realises the deep class divisions in England from meeting soldiers in Ootacamund, and observations of public school products. Influence of religion in Anglo-India. Question of why we hold India. 3pp.
  18. 12 September. Ootacamund. Dislikes Under Secretary’s work.
  19. 21 November. Madras Club. Comment on new Governor, Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael; administration during the Durbar.
  20. 13 December. Tinnevelly pearl fisheries – sidelights on attitudes, interests and method of work.