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Mr Gwynn writes that his memoir contains ‘very little of business and mostly of pleasure’. However it includes descriptions of his life, some observations on the administration and accounts of tours of inspection. He was a keen walker and climber and made many journeys in different parts of the subcontinent, most notably in Sikkim. He claimed to be the last British citizen serving in the I.A.S. People he met include Sir Theodore and Lady Tasker, Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir C.P. Ramaswami Ayyar, Sir Chandulal Trivedi (first Governor of Andhra Pradesh), Mme. Sun Yat Sen, President Rajendra Prasad, Mr Tanguturi Prakasam (first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh), Mr S.K. Dey, Pandit Nehru, the Maharajkumar of Sikkim, Sir Penderel Moon and the Raja of Faridkot.

Interleaved in the memoir are various original letters etc. as follows:

    1. Letter, dated 13 May [1940?], from R.J. Habdorf about a dog bite and veterinary certificate.
    2. Telugu bill for supplies while in camp, February 1940.
    3. Notice, dated 23 September 1942: proceedings of the District Magistrate, Salem. Restrictions on sale of grain.
    4. Letter, dated 25 December 1965, from L.N. Rao about Padem area.
    5. Detailed memorandum of procedure, dated [Madras] 23 February 1946: ‘His Excellency the Governor – departure and Governor-Designate – arrival’.
    6. Copy of letter, dated 13 February 1946, signed by Lord Pethick-Lawrence, appointing Sir Henry Foley Knight as acting Governor of Madras.
    7. Postcard from C. Rajagopalachari, dated Madras, 31 December 1945, making appointment to see J.P.G.
    8. Letter from Dr W. Quaife, dated Cooner, 17 April 1949, about the identification of various plants.
    9. Letter, begun 29 November 1951 and dated 7 December 1951, from Sir John Hall. Discusses members of the I.C.S. in Malabar in the 1870s and 80s.
    10. Letter, n.d. but probably late 1947, from C.S. Gunning saying goodbye on leaving India.
    11. Page from diary, dated 12 November 1951, describing walk in Papi Hills, Hyderabad State.
    12. (a) Child’s drawing? List of battalions.(b) Note in child’s hand wishing happy birthday. 22 June 1974.
    13. Letter, dated 24 April 1953, from C.S. Ramachandran [Public (General-A) Department, Madras] congratulating J.P.G. on action over the enquiry into police shooting at Tadepallegudem on 16 February 1952.
    14. Engagement list, Governor’s Summer Residence, Waltair. Covers period 9 June to 1 July 1955.
    15. Conference of Collectors and other Officers, Kurnool. Programme, etc. 19 to 20 February 1954.
    16. (a) Story told to J.P.G. by the Tahsildar, Chandragiri in 1964. (b) A chapter of accidents October 1965 (Taggart family’s journey from India to Ireland, September 1965).
    17. Letter, dated 7 June 1960, from K.B.G. Prasada Rao, Income Tax Officer, Hyderabad, about J.P.G.’s income tax assessments.