Pinhey, A.F. Papers

1. Lt-Col Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey. Foreign Department, Government of India; Assistant Political Agent, Banswara 1886; Political Agent, Haraoti 1895; Political Agent, Baghelkhand 1895; Resident, Mewar 1900; Resident, Gwalior 1907.

2. Papers of Colonel Louis Alexander Gordon Pinhey, I.P.S. Chief Commissioner, Baluchistan, 1929; served in Quetta-Pishin, Ajmer-Merwara and Baluchistan for periods during 1930s; Wazir-I-Azarn, Kalat October 1940

5 Boxes, microfilm, 1883-1915.

Box 1 – Diaries of Lt. Col. Sir A.F. Pinhey, 1883-1887 (incomplete).

Box 2 – Letters and diaries of Lt. Col. Pinhey, detailing political and local affairs in Western India, 1886-90.

Box 3 – Letters, diaries and tour notes, Western India, East India; notes on famine, 1890-96.

Box 4 – Letters diaries and tour notes, 1897-1906; includes tours of famine areas, 1896-7, 1905-6.

Box 5 – Notes and drafts on the history of Mewar and genealogies of its ruling families; diary 1912.

Microfilm No. 33 – Diary detailing political situation and machinations in the court at hyderabad, 1910-1914.