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Lt. Col. Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.

Given by Lt. Col. L.A.G. Pinhey

Diaries and tour notes of Lt. Col. A.F. Pinhey, 1890-96:

  1. Diary, 1 July 1890 – 3 March 1891. Leave begins from Neemuch; Poona; Assam; Gwalior; receives charge of Moghia office 1 October 1890; back at Banswara in 1 Partabgarh; gets engaged, and married in February 1891; goes on tour again with wife. Entries much briefer, ends 3 March 1891.
  2. Diary, 8 November 1892 – 14 January 1893. Superintendent’s notes, cold weather tour:
  3. Still Mewar district; boundary disputes and detailed record of complaints, assessments and government of the area; relations with the chiefs; analysis of different areas – shareholders, villages, finances etc. It is more detailed and knowledgeable than before.
  4. Tour 15 November 1893-? 1894. One page only.
  5. Tour 3 November 1896-21 March 1897. Famine; tour of inspection, assessment, and measures taken; relief work, refugees; goes to Allahabad for conference on famine; organizing the local chiefs into doing relief work; description of the famine, numbers, attempts at relief, attitude of zemindars; goes to Calcutta in February to consult about Rewa and sees Viceroy; returns.
  6. Personal diary 1894. Very scrappy; brief accounts of tours, inspections.
  7. Personal diary 1895. Banswara; gets Rewa for six months in April 1895; brief accounts of daily happenings up to July/August; peters out.
  8. Personal and official diary 1896. Satna, Rewa State, C.P. Attitude and policy towards the MahaRao; famine relief (see political diary) – methods of dealing with and background to, and Maharao’s contribution to. Famine report finished 16 June 1896. Daily work briefly noted and lists subjects of conversation with Indian officials; ballooning, 13 August; promoted to 3rd Class Political Agent; Ends 26 August 1896.