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Lt. Col. Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.

Given by Lt. Col. L.A.G. Pinhey

Diaries of Lt. Col. Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey:

  1. 1883. With King’s Liverpool Regiment; daily life in regiment; very brief.
  2. 1885. With 33rd Cavalry – very similar to above.
  3. 1885-86, October onwards. Much more detailed: opening of Mayo College; transferred to political service in Rajputana; letters, memos., etc., are copied into this diary; detailed record of tours and of various cases he tries, also of the characters of the Indians he encounters, and the complexity of relationships. Volume ends 21 October 1886.
  4. 23 October 1886-8 April 1887. This is very much the same, perhaps even in more detail: records of talks with various people, particularly Indians; details of what he reads and his garden.