Archive / Papers / Pinhey, A.F. Papers: Box 2


Lt. Col. Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.

Given by Lt. Col. L.A.G. Pinhey

  1. Letter book, beginning 3 May 1886, and containing the original letters together with the copy of his reply. About problems in the district – Bhils; how to execute a man if not by hanging; difficulties in collecting revenue; new system of collection; MahaRawal of Banswara; correspondence with the Resident; dacoity; arrangements for Golden Jubilee celebrations – postponement; durbars and revenue. The correspondence continues until 27 December 1888 when he is asking for relief for the Bhil country as there is danger of drought. There are one or two letters after this up to April 1889 from other people, but no entry from Pinhey until 5 May 1889 when he has temporarily taken over Maghia district as well, stationed at Neemuch. The whole of this volume brings out the relationship between the Agent and the MahaRawal. Last entry 19 November 1889.
  2. Diary, beginning 11 April 1888. First half of diary concerned with shoots, leave, letters, purely personal; on 29 October a long recorded conversation between Pinhey and the MahaRawal about the appointment of the Order p.Vakul and other matters; another one on 30 October; analysis of the situation by Pinhey; effects of drought on the Bhils. The latter half of the diary is concerned with district matters; Durbars; confiscation; dealing with lack of crops, etc.; but mainly the conflict of personalities and appointments to posts. Last entry 28 November 1888.
  3. Diary continued 30 November 1888. It continues with the detailed record of Pinhey’s relationship with the MahaRawal and the Kaunder in the running of the State; long description of boundary disputes, and that of Mewar v. Partabgarh described in full 30 April 1889; tribute concessions from Government 13 July; state finances; records of conversation with the Kaunder (6 November and on) about improvements not carried out; character of Kaunder; Panchayat work; Border Courts; assessment of British officers’ work in these Courts; tours; visits Baroli temples. Ends 21 December 1889.
  4. Diary, beginning 22 December 1889 – 1 July 1890. Descriptions of life in camps, and the country, and some history; on 10 and 19 January mentions attempt to colonize Moghias; meets a number of local Rajas and records his conversations with them; describes his camps, the ruins, palaces, his work, reading and shooting; Maharao of Partabgarh dies – summary of his character and reign – successor institutes a State Council 27 February-1 March; relations with new Maharao; finances; camps; leave at Udaipur; going to Bombay on 3 months leave. Ends 1 July.