Archive / Papers / Pinhey, A.F. Papers: Box 5


Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey

Given by Mr J.L.G. Pinhey

  1. ‘History of Mewar’. By Lieutenant-Colonel A.F. Pinhey. Calcutta, Superintendent, Government Printing, India, 909 [i.e. 1909]. Printed. Photocopy.
  2. Memorandum regarding the present relations between the Maharana [of Mewar] and his Sardars.’ Printed.
  3. ‘Appendix A. Genealogical Tree of Gehlotes and Sisodias’. [n.d.] Printed.
  4. ‘Appendix K. List of some Objects of Antiquarian Interest in Mewar State’. [Printed January, 1909.] 9 copies.
  5. Note on the Bhumat Chiefs’. Printed about 1902.
  6. ‘Some notes on the Hyderabad Residency. Collected from Original Records in the Residency Office’. [n.d.] Printed.
  7. ‘Notes on Mewar History from Tod’s Rajasthan’. [n.d.] Typescript and manuscript.
  8. ‘Notes on the Genealogy of the Mewar Family from Gunil to Rana Namir’. [n.d.] Typescript. Photocopy.
  9. File of Miscellaneous demi-official and personal correspondence and ephemera. Includes papers on Daly College; future of Imperial Service Troops; a proposed Press Act for India; a new police appointment in Rajputana; Gwalior Residence Villages. 1908.
  10. Folder of miscellaneous letters from serving officers to Sir Alexander and Lady Pinhey. 1914-15.
  11. Diary of Sir A. Pinhey. 6 April – 31 May 1912. 98ff.