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Papers of Lt. Col. Sir A.F. Pinhey

Given by Lt. Col. L.A.G. Pinhey

Microfilm No. 33

Diary while resident in Hyderabad. 26 July 1912: intrigue, conspiracy, and forgery among State officials; unravelling case July-September; reorganization proposals of Cantonment works; after the case is over takes the Nizam to Simla; Viceroy there. 1913: Sher Ali, one of the forgers returns; arrested. March 1914: on leave; voyage home via Europe overland, staying in Italy some time. Ends 6 October 1914 on way back to India.

The diary is detailed, and mainly about conspiracies and intrigues in the Court and government of Hyderabad; there is a detailed exposition of the parties involved, the individual characters and relationship between the Political Agent and the State.