Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 44


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

44/1: Correspondence with A. J. (Jock) Hunter, formerly of Scottish Malayan Estates, visiting agent and subsequently director, Highlands & Lowlands Para Rubber Co. Ltd, 1959-76. Comprising:

  • set of four photographs of new road construction on the Kapar Bharu estate (n.d.);
  • letters and papers relating to Scottish Malayan Estates crop estimates (1959);
  • correspondence relating to his work as a visiting agent (1961-64), following retirement and appointment to the Board of Highlands & Lowlands (1965) and on to his departure from the board following reconstruction/Malaysianisation (1975-76).

44/2: Correspondence with G. Goudie, visiting agent, 1965-74. Comprising:

  • letter of appointment (13 JAN 1965) and subsequent correspondence mainly arranging meetings

44/3: Correspondence (and papers) with Gordon McCulloch, Highlands Group estate manager and visiting agent, 1966-72. Comprising:

  • correspondence and papers including manuring policy (1968), note regarding selection of juniors for the Highlands estate from students of Serdang Agricultural College (12 JAN 1969);
  • report by McCulloch on his visit to Papua New Guinea, British Solomon Islands Protectorate and Fiji Islands, including reports on plantation estates visited and potential for plantation management companies (JUL 1970);
  • report – ‘Some Notes on Ethrel Stimulation of Rubber’, by McCulloch (16 SEP 1971).

44/4: C. E. Hindson, Thomas Barlow & Bro., London: report on his Malaysian estates tour and related papers, 1970. Comprising:

  • letters to Thomas B. Barlow (27 OCT, 2 NOV) containing parts I and II of his report on estates visited (16 OCT – 1 NOV);
  • Highlands & Lowlands financial papers including acreage and crop statements (1965-66), estimated costs and palm oil results (1970);
  • plans and acreage statements for the Athlone, Bukit Kraiong, Sungei Kapar and Vallambrossa estates;
  • plan of the Torkington estate.

44/5: Visiting Agents: correspondence and papers relating to the allocation of work 1971-77. Comprising:

  • letter from Joseph W. Allgrove with suggestion for the allocation of Visiting Agents’ (V. A.) work (10 MAY 1972);
  • letters from Thomas B. Barlow to Gordon H. Lang concerning distribution of V. A. work amongst estate managers (27 JUL, 1 AUG 1972);
  • V. A. work schedules 1971-77;
  • notes by C. E. Hindson and Thomas B. Barlow on the scope of V. A. reports and policy of using senior estate managers as Visiting Agents.

44/6: Correspondence with W. Olaf Grut, chairman, United Plantations Ltd/Bhd, 1965-72. Comprising:

  • correspondence with W. Olaf Grut in his capacity as special advisor (and director) to Highlands & Lowlands Para Rubber Co. Ltd on palm oil matters: including reports and comments on oil palm cultivation, factory/engineering works and storage/shipment/pooling arrangements;
  • also correspondence on negotiations between the Malaysian Planting Industry Employers’ Association and the National Union of Plantation Workers regarding the Sunday no tapping rule, local cadet training schemes (1965) and Malaysian Palm Oil Selling Committee matters (1968);
  • resignation from Highlands and Lowlands (1972).

44/7: Correspondence with Axel Lindquist, United Plantations Ltd/Bhd, 1959-78. Comprising:

  • correspondence with Axel Lindquist in his capacity as special advisor to Highlands & Lowlands Para Rubber Co. Ltd on engineering matters relating to palm oil production and storage;
  • including reports on palm oil mills in the Highlands Group (Highlands, Elmina, Riverside, Kalumpong and Bukit Kraiong) (1974-75);
  • reports on the Torkington and Chersonese estate cocoa factories (1975);
  • report on the Barlow Bulking Installation (1975).

44/8: Correspondence with Borge Bek-Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer, United Plantations Ltd/Bhd, 1972. Comprising:

  • letters relating to his work as engineering adviser to the Highlands Group of estates – construction of new factory on the Elmina estate (1972).

44/9: Correspondence relating to the Malayan Civil Service History Project, 1968-73. Comprising:

  • correspondence with H. P Bryson, British Association of Malaysia, R. T. Heusslar and others in connection with a project suggested by Thomas B. Barlow to collect sources for a history of British colonial administration in Malaysia (1968-73).