Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 17


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

17/1: Letters from managers 5 January 1933 – 30 June 1934. Comprising:

  • letters from G. H. Bowen, manager, Barlow and Co., Singapore, with copies of letters sent to Sir John D. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., Manchester, including papers concerning Malayan Palm Oil Bulking Co., Ltd, acreages under palm oil cultivation (22 NOV 1933), rubber trade with Shanghai, negotiations over the Indian – Japanese cotton goods trade agreement, attempts to limit Japanese ‘dumping’ of cheap cotton goods in Asian markets, negotiations over new international scheme of rubber restriction, renewal of agency agreements with the Batu Tiga, Sungei Way, Seafield and Dennistown estates (19 JUN 1934);
  • letters regarding management of the Muar Ayer Itam estate;
  • letters from Duncumbe Sear, manager, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, concerning general rubber estate agency business, staffing, reports of visiting agents including W. A. Stanton on the Highlands estate, J. B. Middleton and Rodney Holderness on the Klabang (Kamiri) estate, reports concerning labour unrest on the Subang estate, rubber prices, return of restriction;
  • letter from H. H. Wardlaw, manager, Chersonese estate, concerning poor markets and growing Japanese military threat to British colonies;
  • letters from F. H. Williams, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur re general trade/agency business;
  • letters from C. H. Fryer, manager, Barlow and Co., Shanghai, including trade in rubber with Singapore office, general import business.
    [Some staining and damage from water – handle with care].