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Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

15/1: Letters from managers 25 June 1931 – 28 December 1932. Comprising:

  • letters from F. H. Williams, whilst visiting Barlow and Co., Singapore and later as (from OCT 1932) assistant manager, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, including copies of letters sent to Sir John D. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., Manchester, concerning his reorganisation of the Singapore office, decline in trade in imported goods, introduction of drastic economies, attempts to develop rubber trade with Shanghai office, correspondence relating to experiments in rubber paving by G. Parry-Davis, letters relating to his audit of the Kuala Lumpur office accounts (OCT 1932);
  • letters from D. M. Montgomerie, manager, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, and his successor Duncumbe Sear, concerning rubber estate management, general office management;
  • letters from G. H. Bowen, manager, Barlow and Co., Singapore concerning general agency business including the formation of the Malayan Palm Oil Bulking Co. Ltd, to handle shipments of palm oil in bulk;
  • letters from F. Doxey, manager, Barlow and Co., Calcutta, regarding declining trade, introduction of fresh economies, possible closure or amalgamation of the branch;
  • letters from C. H. Fryer, manager, Barlow and Co., Shanghai, including attempts to develop local market in rubber from Singapore, general agency business, Manchurian Crisis in Sino-Japanese relations, falling away of trade in Shanghai;
  • letters from H. H. Wardlaw, manager, Chersonese estate, reporting continuing profits (from its copra crop);
  • letter from J. M. McCurdy, manager, Klabang estate, concerning staffing economies, letter from Majedie (Johore) Rubber Estates Ltd to Dr D. H. N. Whitfield regarding use of a cover crop following temporary closure of the estate;
  • letter from R. Barker, Torkington estate manager, concerning sale of Torkington jungle reserve;
  • letters from E. L. Fraser, Carson and Co., Colombo, Ceylon, regarding the current poor quality of Brae group teas.