Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 33


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

33/1: Letters to managers 6 March 1969 – 30 December 1970. Comprising:

  • letters to Gordon H. Lang and Gordon S. MacDonald, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd, including lengthy correspondence relating to the Palm Oil Selling Committee – its legal basis under threat from UK Trades Restrictive Practices Act, 1968 (as a monopoly) and discussions on formation of a West Malaysian Palm Oil Producers’ Association to replace existing Malayan Palm Oil Committee;
  • general estate management and staffing, estate valuations, question of land resettlement scheme for surplus Indian labour on Chersonese estate (17 APR 1969);
  • ongoing discussions relating to sale of Tebrau estates including letter to John Johnstone (10 JUN 1969);
  • discussions on question of refining palm oil for human consumption and marketing in Middle East and Asia.

33/2: Letters from managers 17 March 1971 – 28 December 1972. Comprising:

  • letters to Gordon H. Lang and Gordon S. MacDonald (JUL – SEP 1971 and from MAY 1972 on), Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, including formation of West Malayan Palm Oil Producers’ Association (up to 15 DEC 1971);
  • work of Palm Oil Selling Committee;
  • palm oil shipments and bulking installations;
  • general estate management and staffing;
  • reorganisation of Kuala Sidim group including transfer of Sepang Nilai estate to Highlands group and leasing of Byram estate;
  • sale negotiations for Edinburgh estate.

33/3: Letters from managers 9 March 1973 – 17 July 1979. Comprising:

  • letters to Gordon S. Macdonald, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur;
  • concerning general estate management, staffing, visiting agents work, reconstruction of Highlands & Lowlands Board of Directors to accommodate Malaysian shareholders (JUN – JUL 1975);
  • gradually declining in volume;
  • a few letters to Henry S. Barlow, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency, Kuala Lumpur concerning estate management and financial matters.