Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 18


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

18/1: Letters from managers 3 July 1934 – 28 December 1935. Comprising:

  • letters from Duncumbe Sear, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, including plans for Sir John D. Barlow’s visit to the Far East (OCT 1934);
  • general rubber estate management, visiting agents reports including J. W. Allgrove and H. H. Wardlaw regarding potential new properties, lengthy correspondence concerning the Torkington estate including plans for rubber factory, new rubber cultivation, policy on manuring, cover crops and related matters, with reports by W. Miller Mackay and H. H. Wardlaw;
  • letters on the subject of Derris root cultivation, letters relating to the estate of the late Sir John. E. Barlow and Frank Barlow (Inchong and Torkinton estates), correspondence with R. G. Willacy and others concerning the Kamiri estate (Klabang), reports and papers concerning manuring experiments by ICI (Malaya) Ltd, letters and papers relating to the Selangor Defence Committee concerning administration (grouping) of rubber estates in time of emergency;
  • copies of Sear’s letters to Sir John D. Barlow concerning acquisition of new estates;
  • letters of G. H. Bowen, manager, Barlow and Co., Singapore, (and his replacement, F. H. Curtis), including copies of letters to Sir John D. Barlow, Thomas Barlow and Bros., Manchester;
  • regarding fluctuations in the rubber market, rubber trade and introduction of new restriction scheme, including detailed description of the new scheme in pamphlet entitled ‘Review of Malaysian Trade’, Fraser & Co, Singapore (31 JUL 1934), rubber business with Shanghai office, Japanese trade competition in cotton goods, decline in Manchester piece goods business, formation of an importer’s association in Singapore, question of floating the Inchong estate as a public company, letters relating to the estate of the late Sir John E. Barlow, outbreak of Abyssinian War leading to rises in world commodity prices, including oil (OCT 1934 on), general agency business;
  • letters from C. H. Fryer, manager, Barlow and Co., Shanghai, including reports on trade in rubber from Singapore, customs statistical reports on rubber imports, agency business in provisions and other goods, financial crisis in Shanghai leading to difficulties in receiving payments for goods sold, followed by slowly improving situation.