Archive / Papers / Barlow family: Box 28


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

28/1: Letters from managers 3 January 1961 – 28 December 1961. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd, concerning general estate management, including copies of Lang’s correspondence with A. J. Hunter relating to his reports as visiting agent for the Highlands group;
  • matters relating to the Barlow/Boustead merger in Singapore;
  • copy of Lang’s speech to the United Planting Association of Malaya AGM including question of repatriation/welfare of older Tamil labour recruited before Second World War;
  • translated extract from the ‘Tamil Nesan’ critical of treatment of older Tamil plantation workforce;
  • A. J. Hunter’s report on the Vallambrossa group (15 APR 1961);
  • letters from C. F. Guise, acting head of Kuala Lumpur office during Lang’s absence on leave, including memorandum outlining reasons for dramatic fall in price of copra (20 MAY), falling rubber price leading to economy in tapping, sale of Kalumpong and Byram rubber estates;
  • Anik Kulim estate management, use of sodium arsenite as a weed killer;
  • upon Lang’s return (SEP), examination of Engineering Department’s accounts including list of estates visited with acreages (20 SEP), finalisation of Barlow/Boustead accounts, copy of letter from C. F. Guise announcing decision to return to England on grounds of ill-health (30 NOV) – 6 month’s notice.

28/2: Letters from managers 2 January 1962 – 31 December 1962. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd, including lengthy and continuing negotiations over sale of Inchong estate;
  • acquisition of Ichamaram estate by Highlands & Lowlands;
  • new palm oil factory at Highlands estate;
  • copies of correspondence with estate managers including G. C. McCulloch, Muar River estate and J.S. Ireland, Sungei Krian estate;
  • report by A. J. Hunter on Torkington estate replanting programme, copies of correspondence between Lang and Ian A. MacDonald concerning his work as a visiting agent.