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Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

32/1: Letters from managers 3 January 1967 – 29 December 1967. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, managing director Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/ Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, including implications of slump in rubber price on Malaysian rubber industry, economy measures in estate management, tapping, replanting, negotiations to reduce wages, estate consolidation;
  • measures undertaken by Malaysian government to stabilise prices, efforts to stop dumping of Indonesian rubber in Singapore market, consideration of export quota scheme by natural rubber producing countries, opposition from Rubber Producers’ Council of Malaysia;
  • negotiations by Malaysian Agricultural Producer’s Association to reduce wage levels, question of Sunday tapping;
  • valuation report by P. M. Varghese of the Klabang estate (20 SEP);
  • Malaysianisation – agreement on gradual transfer of rubber estate management to Malays via early retirement and non-recruitment of ex-patriates;
  • arrangements for shipment of palm oil by Barlow Bulking Ltd from Port Swettenham, company formation, share allocation, involvement of Dunlop Malayan Estates Ltd;
  • formation of Oil Palm Producers’ Council (8 AUG), involvement in Malayan Palm Oil Pool and Palm Oil Selling Committee;
  • general estate management.

32/2: Letters from managers 4 January 1968 – 31 December 1968. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, managing director, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd, Kuala Lumpur, including matters relating to general estate management, estate valuations, rubber manufacturing processes;
  • following on from binding arbitration award covering rubber workers wages, role of Malaysian Agricultural Producers’ Association (M.A.P.A.);
  • matters relating to palm oil including new Barlow Bulking installation at Port Swettenham, working of the Palm Oil Selling Committee and the Oil Palm Producers’ Council of Malaysia, news of the Second Malaysian Palm Oil Conference, consideration by M.A.P.A. of palm oil harvesters national wage agreement;
  • correspondence with Gordon C. McCulloch concerning disagreement over agricultural policy; letter from Ian A. MacDonald, following retirement from Bradwall estate;
  • replacement of Highlands Group Engineer, N. C. James;
  • takeover of the agency for the Bukit Mertajam Rubber estates from John Buttery & Co. Ltd;
  • correspondence with Boustead Trading Bhd, following merger.