Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 34


Papers of  Thomas Bradwall Barlow

34/1: Letters from managers 3 January 1969 – 24 December 1969. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/ Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, and Gordon S. MacDonald during Lang’s leave (JUL – AUG);
  • including correspondence with John Johnstone, Tebrau Rubber Estates Ltd, concerning agency agreement and efforts to sell the estate;
  • palm oil shipments, working of the Palm Oil Selling Committee, the Malaysian Palm Oil Pool and moves to establish the Malaysian Palm Oil Producer’s Association, following question of monopolistic selling practices;
  • negotiation with Far Eastern Freight Conference on palm oil shipping agreement;
  • correspondence relating to discussions with Dr L. W. Richards (MAY – JUN) on development of palm oil refining capability for edible oils market;
  • Rubber Industry Malaysianisation Agreement – impact on Barlow staff in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere;
  • letters concerning purchase of Bekoh Holdings Ltd by Kuala Sidim Rubber Co. Ltd and subsequent reorganisation;
  • plans and papers relating to the Jeram estate, Kuala, Selangor (APR 1969);
  • question of surplus Indian labour on Chersonese estate – resettlement or repatriation;
  • letters from R. L. Grut regarding his plans to retire as a visiting agent and coconut breeding work.

34/2: Letters from managers 7 January 1970 – 29 December 1970. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd, including matters relating to Malayan Palm Oil Pool arrangements, question of illegality under UK Trade Restrictive Practices Act 1968, negotiations concerning formation of West Malayan Palm Oil Producers’ Association, negotiations between the Oil Palm Growers’ Council of Malaysia and the Far Eastern Freight Conference concerning separate palm oil contract, negotiations with Stolt Neilson Freight, Iraq (Basra) palm oil contract;
  • correspondence relating to proposed visit of M. A. Anderson, Highlands Group Engineer, on behalf of the Board of Trade, to British engineering firms looking to export plant and machinery to Malaysia (MAY);
  • expansion of Barlow Bulking palm oil storage facility at Port Swettenham;
  • Malaysianisation – hand list of Malay/Chinese managers (NOV);
  • general estate management and staffing.