Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 25


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

25/1: Letters from managers 1 January 1959 – 31 December 1959. Comprising:

  • letters from C. E. Hindson, acting manager, Barlow & Co., (Malaya) Ltd, (MAR – JUN 1959) including lengthy and detailed series of reports on estates arising from his visits;
  • letter of 18 MAY 1959 showing grouping of estates as subsidiaries of Highlands & Lowlands;
  • general restructuring of Malayan rubber industry through acquisitions and amalgamations;
  • following return of Gordon H. Lang to Kuala Lumpur office, further letters regarding grouping arrangements in relation to staff terms and conditions, agency fees etc;
  • correspondence with Ian A. MacDonald including his Permas estate report (30 AUG 1959);
  • letters from Sim Bock Choon, Barlow & Co., (Singapore) Ltd, including outcome of Singapore general election, economic policy of new government, new agency business including Procter & Gamble and Del Monte, John K. Barlow’s arrival and work in imports Dept.;
  • memorandum on the economic policy of the People’s Action Party (3 JUN 1959).

25/2: Letters from managers 1 January 1960 – 31 December 1960. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd, including further negotiations over rubber estate amalgamations, sale of Sungei Tawar and takeover of Gibson-Anderson agencies;
  • correspondence between Lang and A. J. Hunter concerning acquisition of Scottish Malayan Estates Ltd by Highlands & Lowlands, negotiations with Hunter about joining the Barlow estates department as a visiting agent, report on Tampin Linggi estate by Hunter (22 DEC 1960);
  • letters from Lang regarding negotiations with Bousteads Ltd, over takeover of Barlow & Co. (Singapore) Ltd;
  • correspondence relating to palm oil pooling arrangements at Port Swettenham and new installations;
  • letters from Ian. A MacDonald, manager, Bradwall estate concerning his work as visiting agent and valuation reports;letters from Sim Bock Choon, Chairman, Barlow & Co., (Singapore) Ltd, in connection with the Bousteads takeover, loss of Allen & Hanbury’s agency following acquisition by Glaxo.