Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 38


Thomas Bradwall Barlow 

38/1: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysian visits 1965 Comprising:

  • itinerary for his visit (23 JAN – 23 FEB);
  • correspondence with C.E. Hindson, Thomas Barlow & Bros., whilst visiting Malaysia, including general agency matters, replanting programmes;
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow including the former’s comments on the State Funeral of Winston S. Churchill (4 FEB) and Thomas B. Barlow’s opposition to the Sunday no tapping rule, recently introduced;
  • letter to Henry S. Barlow at Cambridge (8 FEB);
  • correspondence with his London secretary;
  • letters of thanks to estate managers hosting his visits;
  • letter to John K. Barlow on his forthcoming trip to Kuala Lumpur to manage the office during Gordon H. Lang’s period of leave, with comments on the political pressure now growing to ‘Malaysianise’ the rubber industry (16 FEB);
  • papers, accounts and estate maps relating to his visit including notes prepared by C. E. Hindson;
  • Bradwall estate papers including a schedule prepared by the estate manager, Ian A. MacDonald, on the problems associated with the Sunday no tapping rule and memorandum – ‘Matters for discussion with Mr T. B. Barlow’, Bradwall and Sagga estate maps;
  • estate maps and acreage statements for the Byram, Kalumpong, Riverside & Ichamaram estates, also the Highlands, Sungei Rengam, Sungie Rawang and Sungei Krian estates, the Nellmay, Jin Seng and Kong Lee estates, and the Anak Kulim estate;
  • papers concerning the Highlands Group replanting programme, notes on the Chersonese estate replanting programme, Highlands & Lowlands Para Rubber Co. Ltd estimates for 1965;
  • special commemorative life of Winston S. Churchill, published by Charles Grenier & Co. Ltd, Kuala Lumpur, on the occasion of his death.

38/2: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysian visits 1966 Comprising:

  • itinerary for his visit (20 JAN – 24 FEB), correspondence whilst visiting Malaysia, with John K. Barlow and C. E. Hindson, Thomas Barlow & Bro., London, concerning re-capitalisation of Bradwall (F.M.S.) Rubber Estate Ltd, general estate management and agency business matters, including the Highlands/Serdang College of Agriculture scholarship scheme (23 FEB);
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow, following the return of the latter from Rhodesia;
  • including acquisition of shares in Blantyre Tea Holdings Ltd, Nigerian rubber business matters and Barlow/Bousteads merger negotiations, Malaysianisation of estate management (4 FEB);
  • papers relating to his Malaysia visit including estate expenditure estimates for 1966, estate maps and reports including Bradwall, Ellmina, Kalumpong, Tampin Linggi, Midlands, Muar River, Torkington, Sungei Krian and the Vallambrossa estate;
  • Highlands & Lowlands estate reports and estimates;
  • newsletter of the Rubber Grower’s Association – ‘Current Rubber Information on Malaysia’ (11 JAN 1966);
  • note and paper on ‘Economic Defence’ – insurance scheme to protect nationalisation/expropriation of expatriate plantation company assets;
  • Thomas B. Barlow’s notes on his estate visits (28 JAN – 19 FEB).

38/3: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysian visits 1967 Comprising:

  • travel arrangements/tour itinerary (incomplete);
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow, C. E. Hindson and John K. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., London, whilst in Malaysia;
  • including Highlands offer to purchase the Kamiri estate, purchase of debentures in Cicely Rubber Estates Ltd to block rival bid, negotiations by Malaysian Agricultural Producers’ Association on removal of the Sunday no tapping rule and reduction in wage rates, following drop in rubber price, (23 FEB);
  • papers including report by Rubber Growers’ Association on establishment of a Malaysian rubber market (29 DEC 1966);
  • estate staff leave schedule and compensation scheme for ‘Malaysianised’ expatriate estate staff (6 SEP 1966);
  • C. E. Hindson’s notes for T. B. Barlow’s estate tour (JAN 1967);
  • Bernam River Estates Ltd liquidation account 1966;
  • Highlands Group crop and cost estimates (1967) and replanting programme (1967-68).