Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 20


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

20/1: Private foreign letters 1933-37. Comprising:

  • correspondence with F. H. Williams, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur and general agency correspondence, 1934-7;
  • correspondence with Barlow and Co., Singapore and Ian A. MacDonald, of the Singapore office, 1936-7;
  • correspondence with C. H. Fryer, manager, Barlow and Co., Shanghai and H. W. P. McMeekin, Messrs Ilbert and Co., Shanghai, relating to the liquidation of the office, general Shanghai correspondence, 1934-7;
  • T. N. Agutter, manager, Loongsoong tea estate, 1934-5;
  • R. Barker, manager, Torkington estate, 1934-5;
  • A. D. Bell, relating to the Shanghai office, 1934-6;
  • R. M. Bousfield, manager, Highlands estate, 1934;
  • W. E. D. Cooper, visiting agent to the Chingoor estate, 1934-5;
  • Clive G. Corke, Rubber Regulation office, Klang, Johore, 1935;
  • R. D. Cruickshank, formerly of Barlow and Co., Calcutta, 1934;
  • E. L. Fraser, Carson and Co., Calcutta, relating to the Brae estate, 1934;
  • D. G. Holloway, manager, Castleton tea estate, 1935;
  • W. Hunter, Messrs Gillanders, Arbuthnott and Co. Ltd, Calcutta, agents to Barlow and Co., 1933-7;
  • Pickenpack, Huepeden and Co., Bangkok, 1935;
  • W. Miller Mackay, manager, Tebrau rubber estates, relating to his work as a visiting agent, 1934-7;
  • J. F. McCurdy, manager, Klabang rubber estate, 1936-7;
  • E. J. Nicholls, visiting agent, Loongsoong tea estate, 1934;
  • C. B. Parry, assistant manager, Torkington estate, 1937;
  • C. Eldon Scott, manager, Permas rubber estate, 1934;
  • W. A. Stanton, Brooklands estate, Banting, Selangor, relating to his work as a visiting agent, 1934-7;
  • A. E. H. Trimmer, manager, Brae group of tea estates, Madulkelle, Ceylon, 1934-6;
  • H. H. Wardlaw, manager, Chersonese estate and visiting agent, 1934-6;
  • R. G. Willacy, manager, Subang estate, 1934;
  • miscellaneous items.