Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 21


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

21/1: Correspondence with managers 1 November 1945 – 15 September 1946. Comprising:

  • list of delegates to International Rubber Study Group meeting (Nov 1945);
  • correspondence between Thomas B. Barlow and Duncumbe Sear, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, regarding post-war reopening of estates, return of European staff from internment and armed forces, reports on condition of estates following Japanese occupation, security situation, staffing of Barlow and Co., Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, return of F. H. Williams to Kuala Lumpur and arrival of Gordon H. Lang (1946), general estate administration, negotiations with rubber companies over agency fees, amalgamation of Highlands and Lowlands and Ayer Kuning rubber estates, acquisition of Subang estate by Highlands and Lowlands, (JUL – AUG 1946), correspondence with R. Barker, manager, Torkington estate, letter from Joseph W. Allgrove to Sear from Adelaide, S. Australia, looking to return to estate management (14 FEB 1946);
  • policy regarding estate expenditure, negotiations over purchase of rubber by American buyers, possible termination of price controls (4 JUL 1946), arrangements for Thomas B. Barlow’s forthcoming visit to Malaysia including notes on estates (21 AUG 1946), handwritten reports on his visits to the following estates – Inchong, Torkington, Klabang and Kamiri, Somme and Sungei Krian (SEP 1946).

21/2: Correspondence with managers 1 November 1946 – 11 February 1947. Comprising:

  • correspondence relating to the legal proceedings taken against Major Ian A. MacDonald, manager, Chersonese estate, following the death of a Chinese bandit during a raid on the Chersonese property, including letters from Major Macdonald and his solicitors, Messrs Walters and Co., Singapore, to Duncumbe Sear, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur.

21/3: Correspondence with managers 15 January 1946 – 4 July 1946. Comprising:

  • correspondence between R. Barker, manager, Torkington estate, and F. H. Williams and Gordon H. Lang, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur, concerning his resignation due to ill-heath, with medical reports from L. A. Watson, MD.

21/4: Correspondence with managers 5 April 1946 – 24 December 1947. Comprising:

  • correspondence between Gordon H. Lang, Barlow and Co., Kuala Lumpur and Thomas B. Barlow, also correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow, including agency business from war damage and war risk goods insurance claims, general estate management, government restrictions on copra and palm oil markets.

21/5: Correspondence with managers 2 April 1947 – 27 August 1947. Comprising:

  • correspondence between Thomas B. Barlow and F. H. Williams, Barlow and Co., Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, beginning with Williams’ arrival in Malaysia and reopening of Singapore office, return of A. F. L. Barrow and attempts to restart trading, dearth of UK goods to sell, war risk insurance claims, death of Sir Frank Swettenham, Chairman of Highlands and Lowlands, negotiations over price of rubber purchase by American buyers, likely end to price controls;
  • Williams’ arrival in Kuala Lumpur (AUG 1946) to take over from Duncumbe Sear as head of office, rubber estate management in immediate post-war period, recruitment of European staff, Barker’s resignation from Torkington, his following letter to Thomas B. Barlow criticising his successor (30 SEP 1947), correspondence between Thomas B. Barlow and Joseph W. Allgrove concerning Muar River estate and his visits to other estates, scheme of replanting 100 acres on the Inchong estate following war damage by Japanese (OCT 1947 on), restrictions on sale of palm oil and copra, Ministry of Food interventions, negotiations over the purchase of the Golden Hope estate by Highlands and Lowlands.