Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 36


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

36/1: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysian visits 1958-61 Comprising:

  • personal business diaries (3) with notes on his Malaysian visits, (JUL 1958 and JAN – FEB 1959, JAN – FEB 1960, JAN – FEB 1961);
  • letters from his children and other relatives whilst abroad in Malaysia (1959-60);
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow, relating to estate acquisitions and purchases including offer by the Muar River Rubber Co. Ltd for the Sapong estate, with related papers (JAN – FEB 1960);
  • published reports and articles including ‘The Battle Between the Tree and the Test Tube’, by Dr R. P. Dinsmore, Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co., (17 NOV 1960);
  • Rubber Trade Association circulars and papers relating to constitution and working of the London rubber market (14 DEC 1960);
  • Rubber Growers’ Association correspondence and papers (14 DEC 1960);
  • ‘Memorandum on the Fluctuation in the Price of Natural Rubber’, by P. F. Adams, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kuala Lumpur, (1958);
  • Malayan Rubber Fund Board, reports and papers (14 DEC 1960);
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow (JAN – FEB 1961) including the Highlands & Lowlands offer for the Sembilan (Tampin Linggi) estate and the Edinburgh/Sogomana group of estates, with related papers;
  • correspondence with C. E. Hindson, Thomas Barlow & Bros., London (FEB 1961) relating to the Edinburgh/Sogomana and Sapong negotiations;
  • notes on Thomas B. Barlow’s visits to estates (JAN – FEB 1961).

36/2: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysian visits 1962 Comprising:

  • personal diary with notes concerning his visit (17 JAN – 28 FEB);
  • reports and articles including International Rubber Research & Development Board, Technical Circular No 4, ‘The Preparation and Properties of Flocculated Rubber’ (OCT 1961);
  • two reports by Dr L. Bateman on recent advances in synthetic rubber: – ‘Summary of his Address to the Council’, (6 NOV 1961), ‘Substance of an Address by Dr L. Bateman to the Rubber Trade Association’, (14 DEC 1961);
  • correspondence with W. Olaf Grut, United Plantations Ltd, concerning palm oil production and work of the Malayan Palm Oil Selling Committee (NOV 1961);
  • series of estate reports, sketch maps and tabulated data concerning crop acreages for the Bradwall, Tampin Linggi, Chersonese, Sungei Krian, Riverside, Scottish Malayan, Sungei Way and other Gibson-Anderson companies;
  • correspondence with C. E. Hindson and Sir John D. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., whilst visiting Malaysia (JAN – FEB 1962), correspondence with R. Barker, formerly manager of the Torkington estate relating to copra production on the estate (JAN 1962);
  • letter to Henry S. Barlow at Eton concerning his application to Cambridge and other matters (23 FEB 1962);
  • notes on his estate visits (3, 15 FEB, 1, 5 MAR 1962);
  • notes on his meeting with Tan Siew Sin, Malaysian Minister of Finance, relating to creation of a local share register in Kuala Lumpur, to allow easier local purchase of plantation company shares, and other rubber industry related matters (5 MAR 1962).