Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 31


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

31/1: Letters from managers 4 January 1965 – 28 December 1965. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd and John K. Barlow during his absence on leave (JUN – SEP), including policy and implementation of Malaysianisation of estate management;
  • initial negotiations relating to merger with Bousteads Ltd;
  • negotiations regarding storage and shipment of palm oil by Socfin Ltd, arrangement with United Plantations Ltd to handle shipments from Penang and initial steps taken to build a Barlow group palm oil storage facility at Port Swettenham;
  • lengthy correspondence concerning withdrawal of Barlow plantation companies from the Malaysian Planting Industries Employers’ Association over imposition of Sunday no tapping rule, negotiations with National Union of Plantation Workers, attempts to set up a rival Malaysian employers’ association;
  • registration of local companies in Malaysia – Highlands Plantations Ltd and Barlow Plantations Ltd;
  • efforts to sell Kulai Young estate on behalf of Tebrau Rubber Estates Ltd;
  • meetings with Malaysian Ministry of Commerce and Industry over establishment of Kuala Lumpur as the leading rubber market in the region.

31/2: Letters from managers 3 January 1966 – 30 December 1966. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd including negotiations leading to formation of Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur (OCT);
  • formation of Barlow Holdings (Malaysia) Ltd;
  • letters relating to Port Swettenham palm oil bulking installation, formation of Barlow Bulking Ltd, involvement of Dunlop Malayan Estates Ltd in capitalisation of the project;
  • work of Rubber Growers’ Association committee on ‘Malaysianisation’;
  • disbandment of the Malaysian Plantation Industries Employers’ Association and formation of successor body – Malaysian Agricultural Producers’ Association;
  • negotiations with National Union of Plantation Workers;
  • valuation of the Bassett estate for possible acquisition by Chersonese and Kalumpong estates;
  • continued efforts to sell Kulai Young estate;
  • efforts to promote local rubber exchange in Kuala Lumpur (DEC).