Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 62


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow
Official records, correspondence and papers of companies within the Barlow Group during Thomas B. Barlow’s Chairmanship: Tai Loong Ltd/Sdn Bhd;


  • Tebrau Rubber Estates Ltd.
  • 62/1: Tai Loong Ltd/Sdn Bhd, accounts and related correspondence 1947-74.
  • 62/2: Tebrau Rubber Estates Ltd 1964-69.¬†Comprising:
    • correspondence between Thomas B. Barlow and John Johnson, Messrs Baillie & Gifford, Edinburgh, secretaries to Tebrau Rubber Estates Ltd (Barlow Boustead Estates Agency were managing agents to the company’s estates in Malaysia) including the following matters;
    • negotiations with Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) over agreement to process Tebrau palm fruit at the factory of Johore Palm Processing Ltd, a subsidiary of the CDC (1964);
    • following termination of the agreement by the CDC further negotiations over the buy back of shares from Tebrau in Johore Palm Processing Ltd (1966-68);
    • correspondence relating to various purchase offers for Tebrau (1964-68);¬†report by J. Eddington, Tebrau estate manager, on the manufacture of cominuted rubber (16 MAR 1968).