Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 41


Thomas Bradwall Barlow

41/1: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysia visits, 1977-78 Comprising:

  • papers including report by J. V. Burgess, ‘Natural Rubber – Price Stabilisation’ (25 MAY 1977), a consideration of the Malaysian government’s proposed buffer stock scheme;
  • briefing paper on Malaysian palm oil industry for the visit of the US Secretary of Agriculture (15-17 JUN 1977);
  • Highlands & Lowlands Bhd, note of informal meeting of London based shareholder’s (21 JUN 1977);
  • draft statement by Thomas B. Barlow on his continuation as a London resident director of the company (28 JUN 1977);
  • reports on ‘Barlow interests’ and ‘Long term planning’ in Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Sdn Bhd (JUL 1977);
  • letters from Henry S. Barlow concerning Thomas B. Barlow’s September visit and a joint venture between Sabah Rubber Fund Board and the Muar River Rubber Co. Ltd, to establish a rubber factory – Tenom Crumb Sdn (AUG 1977);
  • miscellaneous correspondence and papers including a note on old Highlands Group estate company records for retention/disposal, by Henry S. Barlow (1 DEC 1977);
  • itinerary for Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysia visit (13 JAN – 25 FEB 1978);
  • correspondence with Sir John D. Barlow relating to the Government of Sabah’s compulsory purchase of the Melalap estate (JAN 1978);
  • reports and papers of Gordon C. McCulloch, planting advisor, on the Kuala Mudar estate (4 FEB 1978), the Muar River estate (19-20 JAN 1978) and two papers, ‘The Economics of Coconut Monoculture Planting in Malaysia’ and ‘Growing Cocoa Under Oil Palms’ (c. 1978);
  • Torkington estate map (20 FEB 1978);
  • Thomas B. Barlow’s notes on his estate visits (23 FEB 1978).

41/2: Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas B. Barlow’s Malaysia visit, 1980. Comprising:

  • black and white photograph of an oil palm nursery (n. d.);
  • itinerary for his Malaysia and Australia visit (18 JAN – 3 MAR);
  • notes for the visit compiled by C. E Hindson (16 JAN);
  • correspondence with Sir John D Barlow;
  • and his London secretary;
  • letters concerning his visits to various estates;
  • briefing papers by B. Bek-Nielsen, chairman of the Malaysian Palm Oil Producer’s Council, on ‘Issues with the European Federation of Seed Crushers and Oil Producers’ relating to the export duty on crude and processed palm oil’ (24 JAN);
  • press cuttings on rubber estates acquisitions;
  • plans of the Somme and Sapong estates;
  • further papers relating to his Malaysia visit (24 SEP – 10 OCT) including his report on estate visits.

41/3: Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1971-82. Comprising:

  • correspondence with Gordon S. Macdonald, managing director, Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Ltd/Sdn Bhd (1972-82);
  • correspondence and reports by Gordon. H. Lang on foreign investment and Bumiputra participation in Malaysia – proposing transfer of expatriate plantation company’s domicile to Malaysia, formation of Malaysian subsidiaries and local joint ventures (MAY 1974), also correspondence on the role of Gordon McCulloch in the development of the Incorporated Society of Planters as the professional body of Malaysian planters (1 JUN 1977 with encl.);
  • letter to The Times concerning the obituary article on Sir Claude Fenner, offering praise for his work for the Rubber Grower’s Association (22 MAY 1978);
  • correspondence with F. Dalton, with reminiscences of the latter working at the Sekong rubber estate, Borneo, in the early 1920s (13 JUN with encl. of 29 APR 1978);
  • correspondence with Ian A. Macdonald leading up to Thomas B. Barlow’s 80th birthday celebrations (29 MAR 1979, 2, 10 MAR 1980);
  • ‘Notes on the Evolution of Labourer’s Housing on Malaysian estates’, by Joseph W. Allgrove (3 JUL 1979);
  • correspondence with Tan Siew Sin, minister of finance and industry, relating to decision to group estate companies in Barlow Holdings Ltd (27 JUN, 20 DEC 1979);
  • letter from Henry S. Barlow to Sir Charles Hobhouse relating to the proposed Community Services Group based at the Chersonese estate (4 JUL 1980 with encl.);
  • letter from Thomas B. Barlow to W. B. Hilston on the same (5 AUG 1980);
  • correspondence with Joseph W. Allgrove, Gordon H. Lang, C. E. Hindson and Sir Charles Hobhouse concerning a lunch to celebrate their business involvement (MAY 1982);
  • correspondence, papers, accounts concerning Barlow Plantations Sdn Bhd (SEP – NOV 1982).