Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 29


Papers of Thomas Bradwall Barlow

29/1: Letters from managers 4 January 1963 – 31 December 1963. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd, including completion of Inchong estate sale negotiations, arrival of Henry Barlow in Kuala Lumpur, sale of Byram and Kalumpong estates, general estate administration and staffing;
  • A. J. Hunter’s reports on Sagga and Bradwall estates (16 APR), Kalumpong (28 MAY);
  • letter from A. Murdoch, manager, Anak Sulim estate with sketch map (18 MAY);
  • letters from C. E. Hindson, from Kuala Lumpur during Lang’s leave (JUN – SEP), including reports of his numerous estate visits, A. J. Hunter’s estate report on Sungei Krian and Jin Seng (14 encl 7 JUN), preparations for Malaysian Federation celebrations;
  • memorandum by G. C. McCulloch on ‘Managerial staffing of estates in Malaya with special reference to Malayanisation’ (18 AUG), advocating programme of recruitment of Asian cadet planters; offer to purchase Torkington estate by United Plantations (19 SEP);
  • upon Lang’s return, letters concerning training of Asian cadet planters – formation of advisory committee to oversee;
  • employment of Rolf Grut of United Plantations Ltd, as a visiting agent (21 OCT);
  • correspondence concerning Sagga estate management (26 NOV), acquisition of new rubber estates including the Bassett and Capital estates;
  • negotiations over possible sale of Sungei Way estate.

29/2: Letters from managers 9 January 1964 – 31 December 1964. Comprising:

  • letters from Gordon H. Lang, Barlow & Co. (Malaya) Ltd, including further consolidation of estates within the Highlands group including transfer of Torkington and Jin Seng estates to Highlands Malaya Plantations Ltd, (completed 31 DEC);
  • sale of Sungei Way estate to Malaysia Projects Development Co. Ltd, (completed 31 DEC);
  • letters relating to the emergency situation in Malaysia following military incursions from Indonesia and local racial conflict between Malays and Chinese, security situation on rubber estates (SEP on);
  • correspondence with Rolf Grut relating to his work as a visiting agent including his valuation reports on Torkington, Jin Seng and other estates;
  • correspondence with G. C. McCulloch, manager, Muar River estate;
  • letters relating to compensation claim by original purchaser of Inchong estate;
  • correspondence relating to wage negotiations carried out by the Malayan Planting Industries Employers Association (APR – JUN).