Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 14


Thomas Bradwall Barlow


14/1: Letters from managers 3 September 1930 – 17 June 1931. Comprising:

  • letters from J. S. Thomson and F. H. Williams, Barlow & Co., Singapore, including copies of letters sent to Sir John D. Barlow, Thomas Barlow & Bro., Manchester, concerning economies and reorganisation of the Singapore office, salary reductions etc., possible closure of the office, lengthy correspondence concerning rubber road tile experiments of G. Parry-Davis, manufacture of soap from palm oil and likely market, decline in import business from Lancashire piece goods, looking to develop agency work in engineering goods, half year losses to June 1931 – $20,000;
  • letters from J. M. Montgomerie, manager, Barlow & Co., Kuala Lumpur, regarding rubber estate management, poor condition of rubber market, economies in staffing levels, expenditure and tapping;
  • letters from H. H. Wardlaw, manager, Chersonese estate, including Torkington estate valuation and copies of related correspondence with Sir Richard D. Denman;
  • letters from F. Doxey, manager, Barlow & Co., Calcutta, including estimate for income and expenditure for year ahead showing a loss due to slump in world commodity prices, Chingoor and Loongsoong tea estates indents for expenditure on stores and supplies (1927-30).