Archive / Papers / Barlow Family: Box 3


Papers of Sir John Emmott Barlow

3/1: Home Correspondence 14 FEB 1914 – 13 OCT 1920. Comprising

  • letter to David Lloyd George ,when Secretary for War, on exemptions from military service for Barlow company staff
  • letter to William Joynson-Hicks, MP, on the same
  • letter to Viscount Harcourt on condition of the rubber trade and threats to British supremacy
  • correspondence with government departments concerning wartime regulations and conditions
  • letters to Frank Barlow on plantation company matters
  • business correspondence including letters to Charles P. Allen regarding the Bradwall rubber estate
  • letters to Sir Arthur A. Haworth, director of Muar River Rubber Co. Ltd
  • letter to Henry H. Hodson with terms and conditions of his appointment as an assistant manager to the Muar River estate
  • letters to Thomas B. Silcock, concerning the Bradwall, Sungei Krian, Sekong and Klabang Rubber Estates
  • letters to A. R. Warren regarding Central Kelantan Rubber Co. Ltd.
    [Fragile – handle with care].