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  • Jenkinson Papers
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    Given by Clive R. Jenkinson Indian Army and I.C.S.: 1941 – 1944 Letters from Clive Jenkinson in India to his wife in England written between December 1941 and November 1944. […]
  • Innes-Cox Papers
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    A. Innes Cox Small Collections Box 14 Brief memorandum of life while acting civil surgeon at Allahabad January-August 1920, and as district medical officer in the Madras Presidency.
  • Gibbs Papers
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    Small Collections Box 11 U.P. 1929 A short history of All Saints’ Cathedral, Allahabad, with the teaching of its various parts, by the Rev. A. G. Davies-Leigh, M.A., Allahabad, Lucknow […]
  • Ford Papers
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    John and Charles Ford Given by Mr. A. V. Owen U.P. Allahabad, Naini Tal: 1870-1903. 85pp. Two letters of recommendation concerning John Ford’s work as Senior Reader in the Government […]
  • Dobbs Papers: Box 2
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    Letters from Evelyn to his wife Cecil in Eire from 1921 to 1929. Worked in the United Provinces as a magistrate and Collector and from 1927 as Deputy Commissioner. 1921 […]
  • Dobbs Papers: Box 1
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    1915-1920 Cawnpore; Moradabad; Delhi; Lucknow; Simla; Mirzapur; Allahabad. In these letters, Dobbs comments on: English/Indian relations, and on Indian characteristics; on his judicial cases; education and education service; on local […]
  • Churcher Papers
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    Mrs Madeleine Amy Churcher. She was the wife of Captain Douglas Wilfred Churcher of the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers whom she had married in 1897. In 1902 Captain Churcher was […]
  • Interview: K. Sinhji
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  • Kendall Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 10:11min. Allahabad, Benares (Varanasi), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. 1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Allahabad: Gatepost with calling box of Mr Justice Kendall. Bungalow and garden scenes: servants and […]