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John and Charles Ford

Given by Mr. A. V. Owen

U.P. Allahabad, Naini Tal: 1870-1903. 85pp.

  1. Two letters of recommendation concerning John Ford’s work as Senior Reader in the Government Press, Allahabad, dated 1870, 1873. A letter dated 3 March 1886 from John Ford to his brother Charles. Two letters from John Ford to Mrs. Charles Ford, 19 October 1886 and 19 September 1895. P.C. announcing his intending return home from John Ford to his brother Charles, 29 May 1895. Three pages of accounts, dated 1888, for wood and ironmongery, relating to John Ford’s work as a builder.
  2. Nine letters to Charles Ford from Arthur H.C. Hamilton, concerning death of his brother John in Allahabad on 4 February 1901 and the disposal of his estate 14 February 1901-26 February 1903. 30pp.
  3. Papers relating to disposal of John Ford’s estate, notebook of memoranda concerning John Ford’s death, kept by his brother Charles Ford, auction notices, inventory, accounts.
  4. Papers relating to monument for John Ford and his Hindu wife, including six photographs of John Ford taken by Thomas A. Rust.
  5. Poems by John Ford, sheet of music, several photographs, water colour sketch, pressed flowers, Chinese map.
  6. Book of photographs taken by Charles Ford 1901-1903 Allahabad, Naini, Lucknow.