Archive / Papers / Meston Papers: Box 18


Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S.

Donated by the 3rd Baron Meston

Official, demi-official and personal papers relating to Sir J. Meston’s official duties:

  1. Personal File relating to Sir J. Meston’s work as expert advisor to the Cape and Transvaal Civil Service Commissions, South Africa. 1904-6.
  2. File of Meston’s personal and official papers including Indian Civil Service Examination Papers, 1883 and Meston’s Report, dated 20 September 1893, on the outbreak of dakaitis [Dacoitism] in Budaun District, 1883 – 1917.

(The contents of this box were prviously listed as Box 4, items 1-2)