Archive / Papers / Meston Papers: Box 15


Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S.

Donated by the 3rd Baron Meston

MS materials including drafts of monographs, etc.:

  1. Undated notes on ‘Introducing the Financial Statement’.
  2. Letter from Meston to his father on Coronation Durbar, 8 January 1903. 9ff.
  3. Extracts from (a) letter from Minto to Valentine Chirol, 1 May 1910 on the effects of a recall of a Viceroy; (b) letter to Arthur Elliot, 31 August 1910 on respective rights of Secretary of State and Government of India. 2ff.
  4. Note on the Future System of Government at Baghdad. No author, undated, page 1 only. 1 f.
  5. Letter from Aga Khan to Meston explaining his criticisms of Meston and the British contribution to India, 24 December 1919. 3ff.
  6. Telegrams and correspondence concerning the Duke of Connaught’s tour of India, 1920. 4ff.
  7. Letter from Lord Curzon about the time of a talk in the House of Lords, 23 May 1921. 1f.
  8. Letter from Sidney Peel about the time of a talk 15 June 1922. 1f.
  9. Letters from the Mayos, New York on role of Christianity in India and publications. 14 May and 10 December 1931.
  10. Miscellaneous items found in various books belonging to Meston.
  11. Map of Delhi in 1857.
  12. Miscellaneous Press Cuttings.
  13. Ephemera connected with Meston’s voyage to India, October December 1935 on S.S. Maloja.
  14. Notes on Max Muller’s ‘Science of Language’ and other items.

(The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 2, items 1-14)