Archive / Papers / Meston Papers: Box 2


Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S.

Donated by the 3rd Baron Meston

Official publications:

  1. Royal Commission on Indian Finance and Currency. Minutes of Evidence – Vol. II. (Cd. 7237.) 1914.
  2. Index to the two Volumes of Minutes of Evidence and to the three Volumes of Appendices. (Cd. 7239.) 1914.
  3. Final Report of the Commissioners. (Cd. 7236.) 1914.
  4. Appendices to the Final Report of the Commissioners. (Third Volume of Appendices.) (Cd. 7238.) 1914.
  5. The Imperial Legislative Council Manual. 1916.
  6. Vol. III. Enclosures to First Reforms Despatch (III(2)(v) – (ix)). 1918.

(The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 1, items 13-18.)