Archive / Papers / Meston Papers: Box 6


Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S.

Donated by the 3rd Baron Meston

Official papers:

  1. East India (events preliminary to the Round-Table Conference). (Cmd. 3728.) 1919.
  2. Report of the Committee appointed by the Government of India to investigate the disturbances in the Punjab. 1919. (Only map remains.)
  3. Views of the Government of India on the question of the constitutional changes to be made in Assam and backward areas. 1919.
  4. Second Reforms Despatch (Government of India Bill.) 1919.
  5. Indian Constitutional Reforms. Despatches I to VI. 1919.
  6. Indian Constitutional Reforms. Miscellaneous notes. 1919.
  7. Indian Constitutional Reforms. Franchise Committee’s Report and connected papers. 1919.
  8. Indian Constitutional Reforms. Treatment of Assam. 1919.

(Items in this box were previously listed as Box 1, items 34-41)