Archive / Papers / Meston Papers: Box 28


Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S.

Donated by the 3rd Baron Meston

Pamphlets; other official visits; offprints and ephemera:

  1. India at the Cross Roads by Lex.
  2. The Advancement of Science 1933.
  3. India at the Crossways by Lord Meston.
  4. The Moral Issue in India by Robert Stokes.
  5. British Association for the Advancement of Science. No. 13 Imperial Citizenship.
  6. Statistics in India by Lord Meston.
  7. Visit of Their Excellencies The Viceroy, and Lady Chelmsford, Agra 1916, 4-8 November.
  8. Geography – No. 107, Vol. XX, Part 1. March 1935.
  9. Red Cross Work in the United Provinces. Volume One: 1914 1917.
  10. ‘Our Day’ in the United Provinces – 12th December 1917.
  11. A Letter to the People of India by L. Curtis.
  12. Geography. No. 102, Vol. XVIII, Part 4. December 1933.
  13. The Indian National Demand.
  14. The Moral Issue in India by Robert Stokes.
  15. All Parties Conference 1928 – Supplementary Report of the Committee.
  16. All Parties Conference 1928 – Report of the Committee.
  17. The Proceedings of the All Parties National Convention.

(The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 7, items 60-76)