Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 9


  1. Prospectus for Government College, Lyallpur 1947-48.
  2. Folder marked ‘Government College, Dharmsala. July 1939. Sundries’ containing:
    1. 6 sheets of TS evidence pertaining to the strike at Dharmsala College in 1939
    2. Appeal in Urdu and English for funds to be donated to the College
    3. 21.5.1939 Letter to ‘Mian Sahib’ suggesting improvements for local education
    4. Six letters relating to College administration and discipline
    5. 9 letters and pages of evidence relating to a disturbance at the College in June 1937
    6. Desk calendar for 1939, with some notes
  3. 9 letters from Hashnat Khan.
  4. 8 letters from Gerald Jameson, I.P. Comments on those now returned from India and the difficulty, particularly for the ex-police, to find work in England. News of British still serving in Pakistan and their difficulties – his financial difficulties over past payments due – January 1952 visits Pakistan Ambassador to Paris in London, Lt. Col. Sir Mohammed Nawaz Khan, Sardar of Kot, an old friend and describes his position in Pakistan.
  5. 3 letters from G.H. Willis at Ganesh Flour Mill in Lyallpur. Discouraged at present difficulties and feels inclined to leave.
  6. 17 March 1947. Copy of demands from the Hindu Sikh Federation of Students at Government College, Lyallpur to the Principal alleging that Muslim students had smuggled unlawful weapons into the Main Hostel. Also a copy of their President’s announcement to the Hindu and Sikh students together with letter from Professor G.C. Chatarji (I.E.S.) requesting information about this.
  7. 10 miscellaneous letters, including Evan Jenkins and J. Wilson, and various pages of notes
  8. Envelope containing laudatory poems with translations presented to W.A. Barnes when he was Inspector of Schools in the Punjab by the following Schools:
    1. Government High School, Mianwali, December 1933.
    2. Government High School, Talagang, 21.5.34.
    3. D.B. School, Daultala, Rawalpindi, 16.11.34 (two).