Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 4


  1. File marked ‘Personal file of W.A. Barnes AIRD’… containing copies of letters, notes etc., relating to Army Censorship and Postal Service, Ceylon and India 1940-43 also correspondence regarding recruiting in remoter villages and areas. State of Mail sorting in Naga Hills, Manipur Road and Calcutta – Personal relationships in the Censorship Department.
  2. File marked Personal Cases of Major W.A. Barnes. Papers refer to his court-martial 1944.
  3. File marked ‘Punjab University File’ containing:
    1. Certificates of efficiency in language.
    2. Printed Report on the valuation of the Superior Services (India) Family Pension Fund. 1936.
    3. Enrolment form and other papers of W.A.B. in the Punjab Light Horse. 1932.
    4. Extracts from Punjab medical manual.
    5. Copies of letters and other papers written when in Educational Service.
  4. File marked ‘The Punjab University’ containing:
    1. Papers relating to the revision of the syllabuses. in English and French by Mr. Barnes for the Matriculation and School Leaving Certificates 1932.
    2. Proceedings of a meeting of the sub-committee appointed by the school board sub-committee for English History etc. for the revision of history syllabus … 1933. (Printed paper).
    3. A note on the English syllabus of the M.C.S.L.C. examination prepared by Mr. W.A. Barnes … 1932.
    4. Letter from Mr. Barnes regarding the suitability of a set book for Indian students.
    5. Proceedings of a meeting of the sub-committee of the School Board for English, History, etc. 18 April 1932.
    6. Punjab University Gazette Vol. V No. 1 October 1932.
    7. Other printed papers relating to syllabuses etc.