Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 8


  1. Personal diary of William Alfred Barnes, October 31, 1941 – about censorship work in great detail – and including letters received about censorship wartime postal service in Ceylon and India. Also includes commentary on the flight from Burma. Later many personal family photographs, newspaper cuttings, quotations, etc.
  2. Notebook written by Mr. Barnes, containing MS notes of a lecture on The Malaya Campaign given in the Garrison Cinema, Fort William, Calcutta on September 4, 1942, by Lt. Col. J. Cumming, V.C. s/12 Frontier Force Rifles, together with other notes, stories and reminiscences. Becomes a diary, starting 4 March (1944) when he was in the Grand Hotel, Calcutta for four months, awaiting, and during, his court martial. Very discursive, describes not only the food in hotel, and individuals he meets, but also the Burma Campaign, the murder of an English nurse; descriptions of films seen etc. and prosecution of the war. On 30 March brings up matter of his court-martial again. Diary includes:
    1. Writings about the inspection of schools, and the affair at Usman Khattar.
    2. 3.4.44 Beginning of diary about court-martial.
    3. 6.4.44 Court meets for first time – Conclusion of trial. Continues with diary.
    4. Christmas Day 1944. Owing to an adverse report he appeals again against Court martial and adverse report.
    5. Goes on leave with wife and daughter January 1945.
    6. At the other end of the diary are occasional articles, poems etc., written by Mr. Barnes, and extensive jottings and notes about his wife and daughter.
  3. File marked: Govt. College, Dharmsala, Boys’ explanations, apologies, Agnihotri’s request 11.7.39.
  4. File marked: Govt. College, Dharmsala, Personal Record of Students, containing letters as well as records.
  5. File marked: The strike at Govt. College, Dharmsala, June 1939, containing TS copies of letters, accounts of strike etc.
  6. File marked: ‘June 1939: mainly private letters from friends. The beginnings of the strike at Dharmsala.
  7. File marked ‘Important. The Police File’ – Containing the private letters received during and after the strike at Govt. College, Dharmsala. Police notes and record of the same strike.’
  8. Correspondence relating to the strike at the college in July 1939.
  9. File marked: Govt. College, Dharmsala, July 1939, Sundries – Containing:
    1. Letter from W.A.B. 3 March 1948, requesting payment of an enclosed bill for the inspection made in March 1947, in the Punjab:
    2. Police Memo of 22 March 1947 on the enumeration of British Subjects and Foreigners (2 copies).
    3. Sheets of original evidence from 1939 trial after school strike
    4. Note about education and W.A.B.’s situation during partition
    5. Note about partition, later included in Barnes’ manuscript ‘India’s Tragedy’
  10. Additional papers containing:
    1. 6 anonymous letters of complaint from students to Mr. W.A. Barnes, March-May 1947.
    2. Invitation to a wedding.
    3. Note by W.A. Barnes for the Annual Convocation of the Government College, Lyallpur, 3 March 1947, at which he was empowered to confer degrees of the University of the Punjab.
    4. Beginning of a memoir of arrival and first impressions at Government College, Lyallpur, 5 October 1946 and list of expenditure, 4 October – 8 December 1946.
    5. Invitation card.
    6. Telegram.
    7. Letter requesting asylum while tension remains in the Province.
    8. Programme of the Annual Convocation and prize distribution to be held on 3 March 1947.