Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 3


  1. File of miscellaneous papers marked ‘G.C. Dharmsala July 1939’. Containing small file marked ‘Pakistan Papers’, containing mixed miscellaneous papers, correspondence about Pensions 1945-52, and copies of papers about the strike by students at Dharmsala Government College in July 1939 where Mr. Barnes was Principal. Including pamphlet Matters of interest to British Officers and their famines in India issued by the Adjutant General in India, 1942. The pamphlet included a bundle 9a – 9x of very personal papers.
  2. File containing TS diary from outbreak of war 3 September 1939 when W.A.B. sent to Karachi in the Censorship until 18 January 1940.
  3. File marked: Record of Services of Captain W.A. Barnes A.I.R.O. 1939. Containing Record of Service. TS Memo dated 23.2.1942 on Postal and Censorship Liaison, and further letters about organisation and pay.
  4. File marked: Royal Insurance Co. & Singapore Orders 1948-1949-1950.
  5. File Marked: Pro College The case for the Students and Parents. W.A. Barnes. 3.7.1939. All the letters from boys prevented from attending the college on 1 July by the strikers. Complete list of absentees from Dharmsala School on July 3, 1939. Letters from students and parents who were detained by the strikers, and completed forms from parents who wished their sons to attend college. Income Tax letter and Railway warrant. Particulars of service in 1st World War.