Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 7


  1. File marked ‘17.7.1948’, containing
    1. certificate of service in Punjab Educational Service, and termination of Service.
    2. Prospectus for Government College, Lyallpur 1947-48.
    3. File marked ‘Mainly personal’ containing copies of poems published in theĀ Civil and Military Gazette.
  2. File: ‘Conduct and Progress Register and Sundries, Government College, Dharmsala’. Containing:
    1. Correspondence about Mrs. Barnes’ books
    2. College curriculum
    3. Notes for speech
    4. Correspondence about a dismissal
    5. Note about students
    6. Progress Register for Students. 1938-39 at Government College, Dharmsala.
    7. File: Government College Dharmsala, June 1939. Papers detailing events leading up to Students’ Strike in July 1939.
    8. File: Government College, Dharmsala, June-July 1939, Marked ‘Important’. Set of papers relating to the Students’ Strike at that period.
    9. File containing all papers connected with the Students’ Strike at Government College, Dharmsala, in June-July 1939.
    10. TS copies of instructions regarding Appeals to the Governor-General in Council.
    11. File: Appeal by Mr. Barnes, Principal Government College, Lyallpur, to the Governor of the Punjab in March 1947, against suspension.
    12. Another file relating to the same subject.
    13. File marked ‘Malaria as a weapon of war – 1945’.