Archive / Papers / Barnes, W.A.: Box 5


  1. Envelope containing MS of Inspection Tour, Kyelang District Purely descriptive of scenery.
  2. File marked ‘Dirty dogs & other cases 1934-36. Propaganda’. Includes letters accusing Mr. Barnes and others of misconduct and corruption and oppression at various times – Mostly written in 1934-36.
  3. File marked ‘Mainly Inspection and College Papers’. Mainly about leave, rates of pay etc.
  4. File marked ‘Propaganda Rawalpindi Division 1933’ contaiining:
    1. Including account, later much misinterpreted of surprise inspection of Nangal Ambia Islamia High School in 1936.
    2. Also account of Muslim League meeting 1933 and ensuing correspondence regarding Mr. Barnes’ abilities as School Inspector, and long TS report on Mr. Barnes, called ‘The Nincompoop’
    3. Anonymous warning letter: TS copy of another article anti-Mr. Barnes, entitled ‘An unfortunate Muslim Division’ with other letters.
  5. File marked ‘Propaganda pro et con me’ containing:
    1. TS copy of long letter of complaints from the teachers of Islamia High School, Jullundur, 23 March 1936. Contains copies of the various attacks made on Mr. Barnes’ character and work while school Inspector Rawalpindi Division. 1933/34 – articles, letters, mostly anonymous. Some letters in favour. List of schools inspected by the Inspector himself and work done.
    2. Tour programme of Divisional Inspector of Schools, Rawalpindi Division for Jan./Feb. 1934, Nov./Dec. 1933.
    3. Various eulogies on arriving at schools.
    4. Correspondence regarding Osman Khattar, Rawalpindi case, 1934.
    5. Notes on various school inspections, including the Sikh School at Kharian, which led to a complaint against Mr. Barnes for defiling a sacred area, and the ensuing correspondence with the Educational Committee at Amritsar
    6. Various newspaper cuttings referring to the incident.
  6. File relating to time as Principal of the Government College, Lyallpur, 1947. Papers relating to Mr. Barnes’ suspension, and also pension 1949.