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  • Marriott Papers
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    Small Collections Box 16 Brigadier Sir Robert Marriott Letter from R. Oakley dated 5 September 1963, enclosing photostat copies with photographs and notes, on the history of the Oudh and […]
  • Cambridge University Expedition to Nepal
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    Col. 8.13 minutes. Film made by the Cambridge University Expedition to Nepal, 1968. Taj Mahal, showing main tomb and gardens. Expedition Land Rover crossing a bridge over the Ganges. Camping […]
  • Hutchinson Papers
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    Given by Sir Joseph Hutchinson, C.M.G. (Professor of Agriculture, University of Cambridge, 1957-69) India and Pakistan, general. Diary notes of his Retirement Safari 1969-70: A daily account of his lecture […]
  • Goddard, L.J. Papers
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    Small Collections Box 11 Given by L.J. Goddard St. Paul’s School service book. Darjeeling, 1960. Printed by the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta.
  • Gill Papers
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    Manohar Singh Gill. Joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1958; Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Punjab 1970-72; Secretary to Governor, Punjab 1972; Secretary, National Cooperative Development Corporation 1972-75 when he became […]
  • Ferrar, E. Papers
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    Given by Miss Elizabeth Farrer Bihar and Orissa 1939-1966 Memoir written as an answer to the Questionnaire on Missions and Missionaries in India during the British period, and immediately after […]
  • Engledow Papers: Box 2
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    Confidential papers copied from the Indian Tea Association (London) to members of the General Committee and the London Advisory Committee (of the I.T.A.) 6 November 1954. Typed papers connected with […]
  • Dunlop (India) Papers
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    These are the memoirs of four expatriate members of the management staff of the Dunlop factory at Sahaganj, District Hooghly, West Bengal, covering the years 1936-1965 and written in 1987. […]
  • Anonymous Collection 3
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    Small Collections Box 1 Aitchison College, Lahore. Prospectus 1967 (Air Mail Edition). 1 file.