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Papers of Joy Richardson, educator. Papers collected during research for a PhD on labour in sugar industries in the 1970s.

Donated by Joy Richardson.

Research papers, policy documents and economic projections for agriculture in West Pakistan, 1960s.

  • Malik, S., ‘The spatial distribution of agriculture production – past and future in West Pakistan’, draft paper, Transport Planning Cell, Planning and Development Department, Govt. of West Pakistan, Lahore, 1968.
  • Aresvik, O., ‘Export prospects for maize’, draft paper, Planning Cell, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of West Pakistan, Lahore, 1968.
  • Long, M., ‘Interest rates and the structure of agriculture credit markets’, no source given, 22pp., n.d.
  • Long, M.F., ‘Why farmers borrow’, no source given, 23pp., n.d.
  • Note on agricultural subsudies in West Pakistan, n.d.
  • Note from Oddvar Aresik to Minister of Agriculture about the sale of fertilizer in Pakistan in March 1968.
  • Tables of crop output projections for 1960s, taken from an uncredited research paper.
  • Hubauer, G.C., ‘Cereal consumption, production and prices in West Pakistan’, draft Harvard Group resesarch paper, 17pp, 9pp. of tables, 1968.
  • Lewis, J.N., ‘Agricultural price policy for West Pakistan’, draft Harvard Group resesarch paper with covering letter, ii, 32pp., 1969.
  • Hufbauer, G.C., ‘The short-term wheat situation: problems and policies’, draft Harvard Group resesarch paper, 11pp., 1969.
  • Policy note, ‘Key problems of agriculture in West Pakistan, 1969-70’ prepared by Millard Long, 1969.
  • ‘Feasibility and policy requirements of projected production of major crops, West Pakistan, 1969-70’, research paper, 15pp., 1969.
  • Research notes, G.C. Hufbauer to Dr Parvez Hasan, December 3, 1968, ‘Agricultural exports, the balance of payments and the fourth plan’.
  • Baviskar, B.S., ‘The virtues of spoils democracy: sugar cooperatives, politics and development in rural Maharashtra, India’, unpublished dissertation, University of Sussex, 1977.