Archive / Papers / Richardson Papers: Box 1


Papers of Joy Richardson, educator. Papers collected during research for a PhD on labour in sugar industries in the 1970s.

File 1: Research statistics on the sugar industry.

  • Statistics and reports taken during research. Many notes are from government files held in the British Library. Statistics are taken form individual mills and factories in the Ahmednagar region. 1940s-1970s.

File 2: Articles, drafts and pamphlets on the sugar industry.

  • Richardson, J., ‘The development of the sugar industry in the Bombay Deccan – an analysis of labour organisation and cane supply in the sugar factories of Ahmadnagar District’. 31pp. n.d.
  • ‘Free and full translation of article “Vichar Vihar” from Godva, August 1978′. 6pp.
  • Patil, Cde. Shantaram and Katre, Cde. Madhukar (Sugar Workers’ Movement), ‘The pay increase of sugar factory workers in Maharashtra and their other problems and solutions’. 34pp. n.d. (two copies)
  • Patil, Cde. Shantaram and Katre, Cde. Madhukar (Sugar Workers’ Movement), ‘Wherein lies the interest of workers, State Farming Corporation and the Government?’. 7pp. n.d.
  • The Deccan Sugar Technologists’ Association (India), Seminar on mechanical handling of sugar cane, 26th Annual Convention, 6th October 1974. 37pp.
  • ‘Poverty to prosperity: role of sugar co-operatives in India’, National Confederation of Co-operative Sugar Factories, New Delhi, c. 1973, 26pp.
  • ‘The Sanjivani (Takli) Saharakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.’. 16pp. n.d.

File 3: Sugar company reports and statements.

  • Reports and annual reports of sugarcane factories, 1970s.