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Papers of Sanda and Peter Sims. Papers and research notes about independence movements and communist revolutionary activities in Burma, Singapore and Malaya [Malaysia]. Many articles written by (or research for) Peter Sims, journalist and husband of the donor.

Donated by Sao Sanda Sims

File 1: Papers relating to Burma and Burmese independence

  • ‘Report on the Keng-Tung-Keng-Cheng Boundary Mission, 1893-94 and on a visit to Mong Hsing’. TS report on a mission to establish boundaries of northern Burma, 34pp., with vi pages of appendices.
  • ‘Agreement between Great Britain and France with regard to Siam and the Upper Mekong, dated 15th January 1896, Burma-Indo-China, border.Signed at London, January 15th 1896.’ TS copy, 2pp.
  • TS copy of telegram from the Officiating Chief Secretary to the Chief Commissioner, Burma, no. 859.E, 5 May 1896. Telegram proclaims the boundaries of British and French interests in Burma towards the Chinese border. Also includes text of proclamation and details of the agreement between Britain and France, 2pp.
  • Confidential report by G.C.B. Stirling on events in the Northern Shan States in the period before 13 May 1901, detailing disputes over land access and farming rights, 1p.
  • Census of India, 1931, Appendix A with Burma Linguistic Map, 1933, 5pp., map.
  • Census of India, 1931, Appendix B with Burma Racial Map, 1933, 5pp., map.
  • ‘Explorations on the Burma-Tibet frontier: a paper read at the Evening meeting of the Society on 25th Aptil 1932 by F. Kingdon Ward’. TS version of presentation to the Royal Geographical Society, later reproduced in the Geographical Journal, vol. 80, no. 6. 30pp.
  • ’14-point resolutions passed unanimously at the A.F.P.F.L. convention’. List of resolutions passed at a conference outlining the future constitution of a future independent Burma, points 1-11 only present in this document, 4pp.
  • Treaty between the government of the United Kingdom and the provisional Government of Burma, London, 17th October 1947. TS copy, 4pp.
  • Annex to above treaty, Defence Agreement, pre-signed on 29 August 1947.
  • Exchange of letters, December 1949, between the governments of Burma and UKĀ  regulating commercial relations pending new treaty agreements. Includes a previous exchange of letters from 1947, 5pp.
  • TS copies of two articles about the progress towards Burmese independence titled, ‘Leading to the climax’ and ‘from Aung San-Atlee to Nu-Atlee agreemnet’, n.d., author unknown, marked only ‘LP’.
  • Exchange of letters between Chinese premier Chou En-Lai and U Nu regarding border agreements, October 1960, TS copy, 2pp.
  • ‘Joint communique of the government of the Union of Burma and the government of the People’s Republic of China’, TS copy, 4 October 1960, 7pp.
  • ‘General Ne Win’, TS biography of Ne Win, handwritten note on page 1 reads, ‘File, Reference: Biography (for Guardian)’.
  • Foreign economic trends and their implications for the United States: Burma, February 1975, Washington, 1975, 9pp.
  • Photocopied extract from the New Yorker, 9 October 1989, pp. 55-96: ‘A reporter at large: a rich country gone wrong’.

File 2: Articles about Hong Kong

  • ‘The long-line fisheries of Hong Kong. Part 1: Golden thread long-lining’ by Au Lai-shing. Extract from Hong Kong fisheries bulletin, no.1, October 1970, pp. 5-18, and maps from pp. 47-60.
  • ‘Operational records of a pair of steel trawlers based on Hong Kong from 1965 to 1970’ b y W.A. Taylor. Extract from Hong Kong fisheries bulletin, no.3, December 1973, pp. 1-8.
  • ‘Guerilla war in Kwangtung’, unsourced article, n.d., 4pp.

File 3: Communist organisations in Malaya [Malaysia] and Singapore

  • TS article, ‘Secret societies in Singapore’, n.d., 20pp.
  • TS copy of document, ‘People of various races: unite together to oppose counter-revolutionary violence with revolutionary violence. Smash the enemy’s policy of racial massacre! Statement issued by Central Committee, Communist Party of Malaya, 30 June 1969’. 5pp.
  • TS copy of restricted document, ‘Expand a widespread people’s war. Annihilate the enemy. Capture victory! Statement issued by the General Headquarters of the National Liberation Army and the Central Committee of the Malayan National Liberation League on 20th June 1970’. 4pp.
  • TS document, ‘Peking’s move to maintain pressure in South-East Asia to counter-balance the possible de-escalation of the Vietnam war’, written 28 August 1970.
  • Photocopied extract from Asia Research Bulletin, 30 September 1974, ‘Malaysia’s Communists: 6 Monthly political supplement’.
  • Photocopied extract from Asia Research Bulletin, 30 November 1974, ‘Malaysia’s Communists: 6 Monthly political supplement’.
  • TS article, ‘Malaysian communists at loggerheads’. Unsourced article, December 1974.

File 4: Assorted research articles about other regions

  • TS article, ‘Communist subversion of remote area minorities in Southeast Asian border regions’ by Richard O.D. Noone, 12-13 December 1968, 64pp.
  • Small selection of published articles about other regions: Thailand, Middle East and Sumatra.