Archive / Papers / Spear Papers: Box 46


Bequeathed by Dr (Thomas George) Percival Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen’s College, Delhi 1924-40; various posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69.

The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 47.

  1. Folder containing :-
    • ‘ Europe After the War’, by Spear
    • ‘The Government of The United States – What it is and how it works’
    • ‘The New Order’
    • ‘What the Lease and Lend Act Means’
    • ‘Two Years of War’, by Spear
    • ‘The Battle of the Atlantic’
    • Letters etc.
    • ‘History of Chamba State in Mughal and Sikh Times’ by H. Goetz, Baroda
    • Paper – ‘India After Independence’ comprising:-
      • Introduction
      • Crisis and the Constitution
      • Nehru’s India – The Decline
      • Post Nehru India – Lal Bahadur Shastri
      • Post Nehru – Indira Gandhi
    • Paper – ‘Ananda: The Concept of Bliss in the Upanisads’
  2. Folder containing:-
    • ‘Some Factors in Indian History’
      • I ‘General’
      • II ‘The Mughal Empire’ [2 typed copies and 1 mss copy]
      • III ‘The British’
      • IV ‘The Indian National Congress’
    • ‘The Mughal Mansabdari System’ [2 copies]
    • [Some thoughts on] Mughal Architecture
  3. Folder containing :-
    • Notes, one mss and two corrected tss copies of “Mahatma Gandhi”, 1969.
  4. Folder containing :-
    • Notes and two tss copies of “Interpretations of Modern Indian History”
    • Notes and tss copy of “The British in South Asia, to 1880”
    • Notes and tss copy of “Nationalism in South Asia”
    • Notes, tss copy and galley proof of “Pakistan, Islam and the West”
    • Tss copy of “Western Historical Writing in the Era of the Nationalist Movements”
    • Tss copy of “The Meaning of Indian History”