Archive / Papers / Spear Papers: Box 48


Bequeathed by Dr (Thomas George) Percival Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen’s College, Delhi 1924-40; various posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69.

The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 49.

  1. Folder containing outline and specimen chapter ‘The Genesis of War’ for projected book “Merchants, Mughals, and the English in Western India, 1662-1690” by G.Z. Refai
  2. Folder containing photocopy of “The Socio-Political Morphology of Madras: An Historical Interpretation”
  3. “The Future of New Delhi – The Making of the Imperial City” by S. Chakravarty
  4. “The Nature of the Ocean Floor”, inaugural lecture of W.D. Chesterman, professor of geophysics.
  5. “A Map of XVII Century England, with Description, Chronological Tables, and a Map of London circa 1660”. Scale 16 miles:1inch. Published by Ordnance Survey, 1930.
  6. Book, The Wisdom of the East Series, “The Persian Mystics, Jalalu’D-Din Rumi” F. Hadland Davis
  7. “Leon Roth, 1896-1963” by T.E. Jessop
  8. ‘The World Today’, June 1964. Article: ‘India and China: Response to Challenge’
  9. ‘The World Today’, November 1969. Article: ‘The Crisis in the Congress Party: The Indian Presidential Election’
  10. ‘The World Today’, August 1971. Article: ‘Pakistan’s Disintegration’
  11. ‘The World Today’, April 1977. Articles: ‘China: The Politics of Succession’ and ‘Chinese Foreign Policy After Mao’
  12. ‘The World Today’, June 1980
  13. ‘Irish Unionism, 1885-1922’ by Patrick Buckland
  14. Book, “Modern World History” by K.C. Khanna, R. Dayal
  15. ‘South Asian Review’, vol.4, no.4, July 1971
  16. ‘South Asian Review’, vol.5, no.1, October 1971
  17. Curzon Press Catalogue, Summer 1980 – review of “The Nabobs”, by Spear
  18. Oxford University Press – ‘Oxford in India’ [1979?]
  19. Book, The Heritage of India Series, “Hymns From the Rigveda” A.A. MacDonell
  20. Book, The Heritage of India Series, “Psalms of Maratha Saints” Nicol MacNicol
  21. Book, The Heritage of India Series, “Bengali Religious Lyrics, Sakta” Edward J. Thompson and Arthur Marshman Spencer