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Bequeathed by Dr (Thomas George) Percival Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen’s College, Delhi 1924-40; various posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69.

  1. File of miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.
  2. MSS – Oxford History of Modern India. Introduction, 1947-75. 91pp.
  3. Teape Lecture Foundation fund accounts for 1965 and 1967, Excerpts from the Will of the late Rev. William Marshall Teape, and the Teape Lecture Foundation in England as a Trust administered by the Cambridge Mission to Delhi.
  4. The following 15 files (continued in Box 17) were removed from an expanding file labelled “Delhi”, containing miscellaneous research notes, some of which were presumably for a future treatise on the subject:-
    • Genealogies
    • Delhi – Population
    • Delhi – Adventurers
    • Delhi – History, 1761 – 1803
    • Garcin De Tassy
    • Delhi – General