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Bequeathed by Dr (Thomas George) Percival Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen’s College, Delhi 1924-40; various posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, Cambridge 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69.

The contents of this box were previously listed as Box 34.

  1. The following 8 folders were removed from an expanding file (labelled “W.Bentinck – Education”) of Spear’s research notes under section headings as follows:-
    • General
    • Controversy
    • Adam’s Report
    • Delhi
    • Colleges (Hindu, Agra, Scot, Madrasa, Benares, Sanscrit
    • Bombay/Madras/Bareilly
    • Ideas (general, govt., court’s views)/Finance
    • Language (Persian, English, Vernacular, Translations)/Haileybury/Civil Service
  2. Envelope containing items written by Simon Digby:-
    • Reprint, “A Seventeenth Century Indo-Portuguese Writing Cabinet
    • Review for BSOAS “Momtazur Rahman Tarafdar: Husain Shahi Bengal, 1494-1538 A.D: a socio-political study
    • Review for BSOAS “Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi: Muslim revivalist movements in northern India in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
    • Reprint, “Dreams and Reminiscences of Dattu Sarvani” [Part I]
    • Encyclopedia entry? “Humayun, Nasir al-Din Humayun Padishah”
    • Offprint, “The Literary Evidence for Painting in the Delhi Sultanate”
  3. Paper, “Rohilkhand – A study in the Great Indian Rebellion, 1857-58” by E.I. Brodkin
  4. Paper, “The Suburban Village in Bengal in the Second Half of the 19th Century – A Study in Social History” by Pradip Sinha
  5. Paper, “The Growth of Bureaucracy in Indian Administration after 1858; A Private Criticism by A.O. Hume”
  6. Reprint, “Dialogue between Ian [Stephens] and Ray [Panikkar]: is Jesus Christ Unique?”
  7. “Further Note on the Formation of a Public Health Board” by Maj. Gen. Megaw
  8. Reprint, “The Siol Gorrie” by R. MacLagan Gorrie
  9. Reprint, “Rabindranath Tagore in America” by Stephen N. Hay
  10. Reprint, “From Monopoly to Competition in India’s Politics” by W.H. Morris-Jones
  11. Reprint, “Landlords Without Land: The U.P. Zamindars Today” by Thomas R. Metcalf
  12. Reprint, “Factors in the Marquis Wellesley’s failure against Holkar, 1804” by A.S. Bennell
  13. Offprint from St. Anthony’s Papers – South Asian Affairs, No. 2, Introduction by S.N. Mukherjee
  14. Reprint, “The Neglected Plateaus of Dandakaranya” by B.H. Farmer
  15. “Delhi through the Ages: Studies in Urban Culture and Society” – Seminar programme, 1979, Wisconsin
  16. Paper for the above, “North India’s Cities during the ‘Twilight’ by Chris Bayly
  17. Reprint, “Who were the Chihilgani, the forty slaves of Sultan Shams al-Din Iltutmish of Delhi? by Gavin Hambly
  18. Souvenir of the tenth annual conference of the Institute of Historical Studies, 1972, Kurukshetra University